1b6d13 Switch -validate-nonlinux to noarch; move files to /usr/share/ignition

Authored and Committed by Benjamin Gilbert 2 months ago
1 file changed. 15 lines added. 16 lines removed.
    Switch -validate-nonlinux to noarch; move files to /usr/share/ignition
    We shouldn't put non-Linux binaries in /usr/bin.  They're opaque data
    as far as Linux is concerned, and we can build them on any arch.
    Switch the subpackage to noarch, move the binaries to
    /usr/share/ignition, and make them non-executable.
    Rename files to include architecture triples, and in the Windows case,
    the necessary .exe suffix.  These names match the ones used for FCCT
    binaries.  For macOS the name now matches the actual name used on the
    GitHub releases page; for Windows this is a change.
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