762617c new version

Authored and Committed by m4rtink 4 years ago
    new version
    - Fix reconfiguration service name (mkolman)
    - Fix installation path for the reconfiguration-mode-enabled script (mkolman)
    - Use the environs flag when setting the environment (mkolman)
    - Some typo fixes and logging improvements (mkolman)
    - Add a systemd service that enables Initial Setup if /.unconfigured exists (#1257624) (mkolman)
    - Adapt to addon execute() signature change (mkolman)
    - Replace hardcoded python3 call by a variable (mkolman)
    - Nicer systemctl calls (mkolman)
    - Use systemd-cat also for the run-initial-setup script (mkolman)
    - Remove a redundant Requires: line (mkolman)
    - Fix a typo (mkolman)
    - Run correct systemd scriptlets (mkolman)
    - Use systemd-cat for logging to the journal (mkolman)
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