The ipv6calc package

ipv6calc is a small utility which formats and calculates IPv4/IPv6 addresses in different ways.

Install this package, if you want to retrieve information about a particular IPv4/IPv6/MAC address (-i ADDRESS) or make life easier in adding entries to reverse IPv6 DNS zones (e.g. -a 2001:db8:1234::1/48).

In addition many format and type conversions are supported, see online help and/or given URL for more.

Also this package contains additional programs - ipv6loganon: anonymize Apache web server logs - ipv6logconv: special Apache web server log converter (examples included for use with analog) - ipv6logstats: create statistics from list of IPv4/IPv6 addresses (examples included for use with gnu-plot) - mod_ipv6calc: Apache module for anonymization/information logging on-the-fly

Supports also following geolocation databases - IP2Location (bin) - GeoIP (mmdb) - db-ip.com (mmdb)

For more details, please visit: https://www.deepspace6.net/projects/ipv6calc.html

Source (master): https://github.com/pbiering/ipv6calc