#73 Exclude debuginfo packages for s390x
Closed a month ago by jvanek. Opened 3 months ago by pmikova.
rpms/ pmikova/java-latest-openjdk epel8  into  epel8

file modified
+8 -1
@@ -201,6 +201,10 @@ 

  %global static_libs_target static-libs-image



+ #s390x has debuginfo issues

+ %ifarch s390x

+ %global debug_package %{nil}

+ %endif


  # Filter out flags from the optflags macro that cause problems with the OpenJDK build

  # We filter out -O flags so that the optimization of HotSpot is not lowered from O3 to O2
@@ -298,7 +302,7 @@ 

  %global top_level_dir_name   %{origin}

  %global top_level_dir_name_backup %{top_level_dir_name}-backup

  %global buildver        35

- %global rpmrelease      1

+ %global rpmrelease      2

  # Priority must be 8 digits in total; up to openjdk 1.8, we were using 18..... so when we moved to 11, we had to add another digit

  %if %is_system_jdk

  # Using 10 digits may overflow the int used for priority, so we combine the patch and build versions
@@ -2261,6 +2265,9 @@ 




+ * Wed Sep 22 2021 Petra Alice Mikova <pmikova@redhat.com> - 1:

+ - exclude s390x debuginfo packages


  * Tue Sep 14 2021 Andrew Hughes <gnu.andrew@redhat.com> - 1:

  - Update to jdk-17+35, also known as jdk-17-ga.

  - Switch to GA mode.

The s390x build fails due to the libsyslookup library missing debuginfo. That was workaroundable in our checks, but now the rpmbuild check is complaining.
gdb-add-index: No index was created for /builddir/build/BUILDROOT/java-latest-openjdk-
gdb-add-index: [Was there no debuginfo? Was there already an index?]
chmod: cannot access '/builddir/build/BUILDROOT/java-latest-openjdk-': No such file or directory

Jiri suggested we could exclude debuginfo packages for s390x, which fixed the build.

What do you think - is this the correct way or can we force rpmbuild to ignore this check?


Build failed. More information on how to proceed and troubleshoot errors available at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zuul-based-ci

Removing all debuginfo for s390x for one library seems a bit extreme. I wonder why only RHEL 8 is hitting this?

Let me take a look and see if adding some dummy code to syslookup.c will be enough to make it behave like a regular library.

this should go in as a temporary workaround.

If the issue was encounterbale during scratch build on epel8, then https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/java-latest-openjdk/pull-request/82 had fixed it.

Pull-Request has been closed by jvanek

a month ago