The js-d3-flame-graph package

Upgrade instructions

  • update Version, Release, %changelog and tarball NVRs in the specfile
  • create bundles and manifest: make clean all
  • update specfile with contents of the .manifest file
  • run local build: rpkg local
  • run rpm linter: rpkg lint -r js-d3-flame-graph.rpmlintrc
  • run a scratch build: fedpkg scratch-build --srpm
  • upload new source tarballs: fedpkg new-sources *.tar.gz *.tar.xz
  • commit new sources file


  • create the patch
  • declare and apply (%prep) the patch in the specfile
  • if the patch affects Node.js dependencies
  • create new tarballs
  • update the specfile with new tarball path and contents of the .manifest file

Note: the Makefile automatically applies patches before creating the tarballs


  • *.patch: regular patches applied to the source, applied in the Makefile before vendoring and in the specfile (e.g. updating dependencies)
  • *.vendor.patch: patches applied to the vendor tarball (e.g. patching vendored sources before generating a webpack)
  • *.cond.patch: conditionally applied patches in the specfile