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# We have to override the new %%install behavior because, well... the kernel is special.
%global __spec_install_pre %{___build_pre}

Summary: The Linux kernel

# For a stable, released kernel, released_kernel should be 1. For rawhide
# and/or a kernel built from an rc or git snapshot, released_kernel should
# be 0.
%global released_kernel 0

# Save original buildid for later if it's defined
%if 0%{?buildid:1}
%global orig_buildid %{buildid}
%undefine buildid

# Polite request for people who spin their own kernel rpms:
# please modify the "buildid" define in a way that identifies
# that the kernel isn't the stock distribution kernel, for example,
# by setting the define to ".local" or ".bz123456". This will be
# appended to the full kernel version.
# (Uncomment the '#' and both spaces below to set the buildid.)
# % define buildid .local

# The buildid can also be specified on the rpmbuild command line
# by adding --define="buildid .whatever". If both the specfile and
# the environment define a buildid they will be concatenated together.
%if 0%{?orig_buildid:1}
%if 0%{?buildid:1}
%global srpm_buildid %{buildid}
%define buildid %{srpm_buildid}%{orig_buildid}
%define buildid %{orig_buildid}

# baserelease defines which build revision of this kernel version we're
# building.  We used to call this fedora_build, but the magical name
# baserelease is matched by the rpmdev-bumpspec tool, which you should use.
# We used to have some extra magic weirdness to bump this automatically,
# but now we don't.  Just use: rpmdev-bumpspec -c 'comment for changelog'
# When changing base_sublevel below or going from rc to a final kernel,
# reset this by hand to 1 (or to 0 and then use rpmdev-bumpspec).
# scripts/ should be made to do that for you, actually.
# NOTE: baserelease must be > 0 or bad things will happen if you switch
#       to a released kernel (released version will be < rc version)
# For non-released -rc kernels, this will be appended after the rcX and
# gitX tags, so a 3 here would become part of release "0.rcX.gitX.3"
%global baserelease 1
%global fedora_build %{baserelease}

# base_sublevel is the kernel version we're starting with and patching
# on top of -- for example, 2.6.22-rc7-git1 starts with a 2.6.21 base,
# which yields a base_sublevel of 21.
%define base_sublevel 1

## If this is a released kernel ##
%if 0%{?released_kernel}

# Do we have a -stable update to apply?
%define stable_update 0
# Is it a -stable RC?
%define stable_rc 0
# Set rpm version accordingly
%if 0%{?stable_update}
%define stablerev %{stable_update}
%define stable_base %{stable_update}
%if 0%{?stable_rc}
# stable RCs are incremental patches, so we need the previous stable patch
%define stable_base %(echo $((%{stable_update} - 1)))
%define rpmversion 3.%{base_sublevel}.%{stable_update}

## The not-released-kernel case ##
# The next upstream release sublevel (base_sublevel+1)
%define upstream_sublevel %(echo $((%{base_sublevel} + 1)))
# The rc snapshot level
%define rcrev 1
# The git snapshot level
%define gitrev 2
# Set rpm version accordingly
%define rpmversion 3.%{upstream_sublevel}.0
# Nb: The above rcrev and gitrev values automagically define Patch00 and Patch01 below.

# What parts do we want to build?  We must build at least one kernel.
# These are the kernels that are built IF the architecture allows it.
# All should default to 1 (enabled) and be flipped to 0 (disabled)
# by later arch-specific checks.

# The following build options are enabled by default.
# Use either --without <opt> in your rpmbuild command or force values
# to 0 in here to disable them.
# standard kernel
%define with_up        %{?_without_up:        0} %{?!_without_up:        1}
# kernel-smp (only valid for ppc 32-bit)
%define with_smp       %{?_without_smp:       0} %{?!_without_smp:       1}
# kernel-PAE (only valid for i686)
%define with_pae       %{?_without_pae:       0} %{?!_without_pae:       1}
# kernel-debug
%define with_debug     %{?_without_debug:     0} %{?!_without_debug:     1}
# kernel-doc
%define with_doc       %{?_without_doc:       0} %{?!_without_doc:       1}
# kernel-headers
%define with_headers   %{?_without_headers:   0} %{?!_without_headers:   1}
# perf
%define with_perf      %{?_without_perf:      0} %{?!_without_perf:      1}
# tools
%define with_tools     %{?_without_tools:     0} %{?!_without_tools:     1}
# kernel-debuginfo
%define with_debuginfo %{?_without_debuginfo: 0} %{?!_without_debuginfo: 1}
# kernel-bootwrapper (for creating zImages from kernel + initrd)
%define with_bootwrapper %{?_without_bootwrapper: 0} %{?!_without_bootwrapper: 1}
# Want to build a the vsdo directories installed
%define with_vdso_install %{?_without_vdso_install: 0} %{?!_without_vdso_install: 1}
# ARM OMAP (Beagle/Panda Board)
%define with_omap      %{?_without_omap:      0} %{?!_without_omap:      1}
# kernel-tegra (only valid for arm)
%define with_tegra       %{?_without_tegra:       0} %{?!_without_tegra:       1}
# Additional options for user-friendly one-off kernel building:
# Only build the base kernel (--with baseonly):
%define with_baseonly  %{?_with_baseonly:     1} %{?!_with_baseonly:     0}
# Only build the smp kernel (--with smponly):
%define with_smponly   %{?_with_smponly:      1} %{?!_with_smponly:      0}
# Only build the pae kernel (--with paeonly):
%define with_paeonly   %{?_with_paeonly:      1} %{?!_with_paeonly:      0}
# Only build the debug kernel (--with dbgonly):
%define with_dbgonly   %{?_with_dbgonly:      1} %{?!_with_dbgonly:      0}
# should we do C=1 builds with sparse
%define with_sparse    %{?_with_sparse:       1} %{?!_with_sparse:       0}
# build a release kernel on rawhide
%define with_release   %{?_with_release:      1} %{?!_with_release:      0}

# Set debugbuildsenabled to 1 for production (build separate debug kernels)
#  and 0 for rawhide (all kernels are debug kernels).
# See also 'make debug' and 'make release'.
%define debugbuildsenabled 0

# Want to build a vanilla kernel build without any non-upstream patches?
%define with_vanilla %{?_with_vanilla: 1} %{?!_with_vanilla: 0}

# Build the kernel-doc package, but don't fail the build if it botches.
# Here "true" means "continue" and "false" means "fail the build".
%if 0%{?released_kernel}
%define doc_build_fail false
%define doc_build_fail true

%define rawhide_skip_docs 1
%if 0%{?rawhide_skip_docs}
%define with_doc 0
%define doc_build_fail true

# pkg_release is what we'll fill in for the rpm Release: field
%if 0%{?released_kernel}

%if 0%{?stable_rc}
%define stable_rctag .rc%{stable_rc}
%define pkg_release %{fedora_build}%{?stable_rctag}%{?buildid}%{?dist}


# non-released_kernel
%if 0%{?rcrev}
%define rctag .rc%rcrev
%define rctag .rc0
%if 0%{?gitrev}
%define gittag .git%gitrev
%define gittag .git0
%define pkg_release 0%{?rctag}%{?gittag}.%{fedora_build}%{?buildid}%{?dist}


# The kernel tarball/base version
%define kversion 3.%{base_sublevel}

%define make_target bzImage

%define KVERREL %{version}-%{release}.%{_target_cpu}
%define hdrarch %_target_cpu
%define asmarch %_target_cpu

%if 0%{!?nopatches:1}
%define nopatches 0

%if %{with_vanilla}
%define nopatches 1

%if %{nopatches}
%define with_bootwrapper 0
%define variant -vanilla
%define variant_fedora -fedora

%define using_upstream_branch 0
%if 0%{?upstream_branch:1}
%define stable_update 0
%define using_upstream_branch 1
%define variant -%{upstream_branch}%{?variant_fedora}
%define pkg_release 0.%{fedora_build}%{upstream_branch_tag}%{?buildid}%{?dist}

%if !%{debugbuildsenabled}
%define with_debug 0

%if !%{with_debuginfo}
%define _enable_debug_packages 0
%define debuginfodir /usr/lib/debug

# kernel-PAE is only built on i686.
%ifnarch i686
%define with_pae 0

# kernel-tegra and omap is only built on armv7 hard and softfp
%ifnarch armv7hl armv7l
%define with_tegra 0
%define with_omap 0

# if requested, only build base kernel
%if %{with_baseonly}
%define with_smp 0
%define with_pae 0
%define with_debug 0

# if requested, only build smp kernel
%if %{with_smponly}
%define with_up 0
%define with_pae 0
%define with_debug 0

# if requested, only build pae kernel
%if %{with_paeonly}
%define with_up 0
%define with_smp 0
%define with_debug 0

# if requested, only build debug kernel
%if %{with_dbgonly}
%if %{debugbuildsenabled}
%define with_up 0
%define with_pae 0
%define with_smp 0
%define with_pae 0
%define with_tools 0
%define with_perf 0

%define all_x86 i386 i686

%if %{with_vdso_install}
# These arches install vdso/ directories.
%define vdso_arches %{all_x86} x86_64 ppc ppc64 s390 s390x

# Overrides for generic default options

# only ppc needs a separate smp kernel
%ifnarch ppc 
%define with_smp 0

# don't do debug builds on anything but i686 and x86_64
%ifnarch i686 x86_64
%define with_debug 0

# only package docs noarch
%ifnarch noarch
%define with_doc 0

# don't build noarch kernels or headers (duh)
%ifarch noarch
%define with_up 0
%define with_headers 0
%define with_tools 0
%define with_perf 0
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-*.config

# bootwrapper is only on ppc
%ifnarch ppc ppc64
%define with_bootwrapper 0

# sparse blows up on ppc64 and sparc64
%ifarch ppc64 ppc sparc64
%define with_sparse 0

# Per-arch tweaks

%ifarch %{all_x86}
%define asmarch x86
%define hdrarch i386
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-i?86*.config
%define image_install_path boot
%define kernel_image arch/x86/boot/bzImage

%ifarch x86_64
%define asmarch x86
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-x86_64*.config
%define image_install_path boot
%define kernel_image arch/x86/boot/bzImage

%ifarch ppc64
%define asmarch powerpc
%define hdrarch powerpc
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-ppc64*.config
%define image_install_path boot
%define make_target vmlinux
%define kernel_image vmlinux
%define kernel_image_elf 1

%ifarch s390x
%define asmarch s390
%define hdrarch s390
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-s390x.config
%define image_install_path boot
%define make_target image
%define kernel_image arch/s390/boot/image
%define with_tools 0

%ifarch sparc64
%define asmarch sparc
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-sparc64*.config
%define make_target vmlinux
%define kernel_image vmlinux
%define image_install_path boot
%define with_tools 0

%ifarch sparcv9
%define hdrarch sparc

%ifarch ppc
%define asmarch powerpc
%define hdrarch powerpc
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-ppc{-,.}*config
%define image_install_path boot
%define make_target vmlinux
%define kernel_image vmlinux
%define kernel_image_elf 1

%ifarch %{arm}
%define all_arch_configs kernel-%{version}-arm*.config
%define image_install_path boot
%define asmarch arm
%define hdrarch arm
%define make_target bzImage
%define kernel_image arch/arm/boot/zImage
# we build a up kernel on armv5tel. its used for qemu.
%ifnarch armv5tel
%define with_up 0
%define with_perf 0
# we only build headers on the base arm arches
# just like we used to only build them on i386 for x86
%ifnarch armv5tel armv7hl
%define with_headers 0

# Should make listnewconfig fail if there's config options
# printed out?
%if %{nopatches}%{using_upstream_branch}
%define listnewconfig_fail 0
%define listnewconfig_fail 1

# To temporarily exclude an architecture from being built, add it to
# %%nobuildarches. Do _NOT_ use the ExclusiveArch: line, because if we
# don't build kernel-headers then the new build system will no longer let
# us use the previous build of that package -- it'll just be completely AWOL.
# Which is a BadThing(tm).

# We only build kernel-headers on the following...
%define nobuildarches i386 s390 sparc sparcv9

%ifarch %nobuildarches
%define with_up 0
%define with_smp 0
%define with_pae 0
%define with_debuginfo 0
%define with_perf 0
%define with_tools 0
%define _enable_debug_packages 0

%define with_pae_debug 0
%if %{with_pae}
%define with_pae_debug %{with_debug}

# Architectures we build tools/cpupower on
%define cpupowerarchs %{ix86} x86_64 ppc ppc64

# Three sets of minimum package version requirements in the form of Conflicts:
# to versions below the minimum

# First the general kernel 2.6 required versions as per
# Documentation/Changes
%define kernel_dot_org_conflicts  ppp < 2.4.3-3, isdn4k-utils < 3.2-32, nfs-utils < 1.0.7-12, e2fsprogs < 1.37-4, util-linux < 2.12, jfsutils < 1.1.7-2, reiserfs-utils < 3.6.19-2, xfsprogs < 2.6.13-4, procps < 3.2.5-6.3, oprofile < 0.9.1-2, device-mapper-libs < 1.02.63-2, mdadm < 3.2.1-5

# Then a series of requirements that are distribution specific, either
# because we add patches for something, or the older versions have
# problems with the newer kernel or lack certain things that make
# integration in the distro harder than needed.
%define package_conflicts initscripts < 7.23, udev < 063-6, iptables < 1.3.2-1, ipw2200-firmware < 2.4, iwl4965-firmware < 228.57.2, selinux-policy-targeted < 1.25.3-14, squashfs-tools < 4.0, wireless-tools < 29-3

# We moved the drm include files into kernel-headers, make sure there's
# a recent enough libdrm-devel on the system that doesn't have those.
%define kernel_headers_conflicts libdrm-devel < 2.4.0-0.15

# Packages that need to be installed before the kernel is, because the %%post
# scripts use them.
%define kernel_prereq  fileutils, module-init-tools >= 3.16-2, initscripts >= 8.11.1-1, grubby >= 8.3-1
%define initrd_prereq  dracut >= 001-7

# This macro does requires, provides, conflicts, obsoletes for a kernel package.
#	%%kernel_reqprovconf <subpackage>
# It uses any kernel_<subpackage>_conflicts and kernel_<subpackage>_obsoletes
# macros defined above.
%define kernel_reqprovconf \
Provides: kernel = %{rpmversion}-%{pkg_release}\
Provides: kernel-%{_target_cpu} = %{rpmversion}-%{pkg_release}%{?1:.%{1}}\
Provides: kernel-drm = 4.3.0\
Provides: kernel-drm-nouveau = 16\
Provides: kernel-modeset = 1\
Provides: kernel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?1:.%{1}}\
Requires(pre): %{kernel_prereq}\
Requires(pre): %{initrd_prereq}\
Requires(pre): linux-firmware >= 20100806-2\
Requires(post): /sbin/new-kernel-pkg\
Requires(preun): /sbin/new-kernel-pkg\
Conflicts: %{kernel_dot_org_conflicts}\
Conflicts: %{package_conflicts}\
%{expand:%%{?kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_conflicts:Conflicts: %%{kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_conflicts}}}\
%{expand:%%{?kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_obsoletes:Obsoletes: %%{kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_obsoletes}}}\
%{expand:%%{?kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_provides:Provides: %%{kernel%{?1:_%{1}}_provides}}}\
# We can't let RPM do the dependencies automatic because it'll then pick up\
# a correct but undesirable perl dependency from the module headers which\
# isn't required for the kernel proper to function\
AutoReq: no\
AutoProv: yes\

Name: kernel%{?variant}
Group: System Environment/Kernel
License: GPLv2
Version: %{rpmversion}
Release: %{pkg_release}
# SET %%nobuildarches (ABOVE) INSTEAD
ExclusiveArch: noarch %{all_x86} x86_64 ppc ppc64 %{sparc} s390 s390x %{arm}
ExclusiveOS: Linux


# List the packages used during the kernel build
BuildRequires: module-init-tools, patch >= 2.5.4, bash >= 2.03, sh-utils, tar
BuildRequires: bzip2, xz, findutils, gzip, m4, perl, make >= 3.78, diffutils, gawk
BuildRequires: gcc >= 3.4.2, binutils >= 2.12, redhat-rpm-config
BuildRequires: net-tools
BuildRequires: xmlto, asciidoc
%if %{with_sparse}
BuildRequires: sparse >= 0.4.1
%if %{with_perf}
BuildRequires: elfutils-devel zlib-devel binutils-devel newt-devel python-devel perl(ExtUtils::Embed)
%if %{with_tools}
BuildRequires: pciutils-devel gettext
BuildConflicts: rhbuildsys(DiskFree) < 500Mb
%if %{with_debuginfo}
# Fancy new debuginfo generation introduced in Fedora 8/RHEL 6.
BuildRequires: rpm-build >=
%define debuginfo_args --strict-build-id


Source11: genkey
Source14: find-provides

Source19: Makefile.release
Source20: Makefile.config
Source21: config-debug
Source22: config-nodebug
Source23: config-generic

Source30: config-x86-generic
Source31: config-i686-PAE
Source32: config-x86-32-generic

Source40: config-x86_64-generic

Source50: config-powerpc-generic
Source51: config-powerpc32-generic
Source52: config-powerpc32-smp
Source53: config-powerpc64

Source70: config-s390x

Source90: config-sparc64-generic

Source100: config-arm-generic
Source110: config-arm-omap-generic
Source111: config-arm-tegra

# This file is intentionally left empty in the stock kernel. Its a nicety
# added for those wanting to do custom rebuilds with altered config opts.
Source1000: config-local

# Sources for kernel-tools
Source2000: cpupower.service
Source2001: cpupower.config

# Here should be only the patches up to the upstream canonical Linus tree.

# For a stable release kernel
%if 0%{?stable_update}
%if 0%{?stable_base}
%define    stable_patch_00  patch-3.%{base_sublevel}.%{stable_base}.bz2
Patch00: %{stable_patch_00}
%if 0%{?stable_rc}
%define    stable_patch_01  patch-3.%{base_sublevel}.%{stable_update}-rc%{stable_rc}.bz2
Patch01: %{stable_patch_01}

# non-released_kernel case
# These are automagically defined by the rcrev and gitrev values set up
# near the top of this spec file.
%if 0%{?rcrev}
Patch00: patch-3.%{upstream_sublevel}-rc%{rcrev}.bz2
%if 0%{?gitrev}
Patch01: patch-3.%{upstream_sublevel}-rc%{rcrev}-git%{gitrev}.bz2
# pre-{base_sublevel+1}-rc1 case
%if 0%{?gitrev}
Patch00: patch-3.%{base_sublevel}-git%{gitrev}.bz2

%if %{using_upstream_branch}

Patch02: git-linus.diff

# we also need compile fixes for -vanilla
Patch04: linux-2.6-compile-fixes.patch

# build tweak for build ID magic, even for -vanilla
Patch05: linux-2.6-makefile-after_link.patch

%if !%{nopatches}

# revert upstream patches we get via other methods
Patch09: linux-2.6-upstream-reverts.patch
# Git trees.

# Standalone patches

Patch100: taint-vbox.patch
Patch160: linux-2.6-32bit-mmap-exec-randomization.patch
Patch161: linux-2.6-i386-nx-emulation.patch

Patch383: linux-2.6-defaults-aspm.patch

Patch390: linux-2.6-defaults-acpi-video.patch
Patch391: linux-2.6-acpi-video-dos.patch
Patch394: linux-2.6-acpi-debug-infinite-loop.patch
Patch395: acpi-ensure-thermal-limits-match-cpu-freq.patch
Patch396: acpi-sony-nonvs-blacklist.patch

Patch450: linux-2.6-input-kill-stupid-messages.patch
Patch452: linux-2.6.30-no-pcspkr-modalias.patch

Patch460: linux-2.6-serial-460800.patch

Patch470: die-floppy-die.patch
Patch471: floppy-Remove-_hlt-related-functions.patch

Patch510: linux-2.6-silence-noise.patch
Patch530: linux-2.6-silence-fbcon-logo.patch

Patch700: linux-2.6-e1000-ich9-montevina.patch

Patch800: linux-2.6-crash-driver.patch

# crypto/

# virt + ksm patches
Patch1555: fix_xen_guest_on_old_EC2.patch


# nouveau + drm fixes
# intel drm is all merged upstream
Patch1824: drm-intel-next.patch
# make sure the lvds comes back on lid open
Patch1825: drm-intel-make-lvds-work.patch
# rhbz#729882,
Patch1826: drm-i915-sdvo-lvds-is-digital.patch

Patch1900: linux-2.6-intel-iommu-igfx.patch

# Quiet boot fixes
# silence the ACPI blacklist code
Patch2802: linux-2.6-silence-acpi-blacklist.patch

# media patches
Patch2899: linux-2.6-v4l-dvb-fixes.patch
Patch2900: linux-2.6-v4l-dvb-update.patch
Patch2901: linux-2.6-v4l-dvb-experimental.patch

# fs fixes

# NFSv4

# patches headed upstream
Patch12016: disable-i8042-check-on-apple-mac.patch

Patch12026: block-stray-block-put-after-teardown.patch
Patch12027: usb-add-quirk-for-logitech-webcams.patch
Patch12030: epoll-limit-paths.patch

Patch12303: dmar-disable-when-ricoh-multifunction.patch

Patch13002: revert-efi-rtclock.patch
Patch13003: efi-dont-map-boot-services-on-32bit.patch

Patch20000: utrace.patch

# Flattened devicetree support
Patch21000: arm-omap-dt-compat.patch
Patch21001: arm-smsc-support-reading-mac-address-from-device-tree.patch

#rhbz 749166
Patch21050: xfs-Fix-possible-memory-corruption-in-xfs_readlink.patch

Patch21070: oom-fix-integer-overflow-of-points.patch

Patch21080: sysfs-msi-irq-per-device.patch

Patch21090: bcma-brcmsmac-compat.patch


BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/kernel-%{KVERREL}-root

The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system: memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

%package doc
Summary: Various documentation bits found in the kernel source
Group: Documentation
%description doc
This package contains documentation files from the kernel
source. Various bits of information about the Linux kernel and the
device drivers shipped with it are documented in these files.

You'll want to install this package if you need a reference to the
options that can be passed to Linux kernel modules at load time.

%package headers
Summary: Header files for the Linux kernel for use by glibc
Group: Development/System
Obsoletes: glibc-kernheaders < 3.0-46
Provides: glibc-kernheaders = 3.0-46
%description headers
Kernel-headers includes the C header files that specify the interface
between the Linux kernel and userspace libraries and programs.  The
header files define structures and constants that are needed for
building most standard programs and are also needed for rebuilding the
glibc package.

%package bootwrapper
Summary: Boot wrapper files for generating combined kernel + initrd images
Group: Development/System
Requires: gzip binutils
%description bootwrapper
Kernel-bootwrapper contains the wrapper code which makes bootable "zImage"
files combining both kernel and initial ramdisk.

%package debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu}
Summary: Kernel source files used by %{name}-debuginfo packages
Group: Development/Debug
%description debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu}
This package is required by %{name}-debuginfo subpackages.
It provides the kernel source files common to all builds.

%if %{with_perf}
%package -n perf
Summary: Performance monitoring for the Linux kernel
Group: Development/System
License: GPLv2
%description -n perf
This package contains the perf tool, which enables performance monitoring
of the Linux kernel.

%package -n perf-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package perf
Group: Development/Debug
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n perf-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for the perf package.

# Note that this pattern only works right to match the .build-id
# symlinks because of the trailing nonmatching alternation and
# the leading .*, because of's buggy handling
# of matching the pattern against the symlinks file.
%{expand:%%global debuginfo_args %{?debuginfo_args} -p '.*%%{_bindir}/perf(\.debug)?|.*%%{_libexecdir}/perf-core/.*|XXX' -o perf-debuginfo.list}

%package -n python-perf
Summary: Python bindings for apps which will manipulate perf events
Group: Development/Libraries
%description -n python-perf
The python-perf package contains a module that permits applications
written in the Python programming language to use the interface
to manipulate perf events.

%{!?python_sitearch: %global python_sitearch %(%{__python} -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib(1)")}

%package -n python-perf-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package perf python bindings
Group: Development/Debug
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n python-perf-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for the perf python bindings.

# the python_sitearch macro should already be defined from above
%{expand:%%global debuginfo_args %{?debuginfo_args} -p '.*%%{python_sitearch}/\.debug)?|XXX' -o python-perf-debuginfo.list}

%endif # with_perf

%if %{with_tools}
%package -n kernel-tools
Summary: Assortment of tools for the Linux kernel
Group: Development/System
License: GPLv2
Obsoletes: perf
Provides:  perf
Provides:  cpupowerutils = 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpupowerutils < 1:009-0.6.p1
Provides:  cpufreq-utils = 1:009-0.6.p1
Provides:  cpufrequtils = 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpufreq-utils < 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpufrequtils < 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpuspeed < 1:1.5-16
%description -n kernel-tools
This package contains the tools/ directory from the kernel source
and the supporting documentation.

%package -n kernel-tools-devel
Summary: Assortment of tools for the Linux kernel
Group: Development/System
License: GPLv2
Requires: kernel-tools = %{version}-%{release}
Provides:  cpupowerutils-devel = 1:009-0.6.p1
Obsoletes: cpupowerutils-devel < 1:009-0.6.p1
%description -n kernel-tools-devel
This package contains the development files for the tools/ directory from
the kernel source.

%package -n kernel-tools-debuginfo
Summary: Debug information for package kernel-tools
Group: Development/Debug
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}
AutoReqProv: no
%description -n kernel-tools-debuginfo
This package provides debug information for package kernel-tools.

# Note that this pattern only works right to match the .build-id
# symlinks because of the trailing nonmatching alternation and
# the leading .*, because of's buggy handling
# of matching the pattern against the symlinks file.
%{expand:%%global debuginfo_args %{?debuginfo_args} -p '.*%%{_bindir}/centrino-decode(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/powernow-k8-decode(\.debug)?|.*%%{_bindir}/cpupower(\.debug)?|.*%%{_libdir}/libcpupower.*|XXX' -o kernel-tools-debuginfo.list}

%endif # with_tools

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-debuginfo package.
#	%%kernel_debuginfo_package <subpackage>
%define kernel_debuginfo_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}debuginfo\
Summary: Debug information for package %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}\
Group: Development/Debug\
Requires: %{name}-debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}-debuginfo-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
AutoReqProv: no\
%description -n %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}-debuginfo\
This package provides debug information for package %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}.\
This is required to use SystemTap with %{name}%{?1:-%{1}}-%{KVERREL}.\
%{expand:%%global debuginfo_args %{?debuginfo_args} -p '/.*/%%{KVERREL}%{?1:\.%{1}}/.*|/.*%%{KVERREL}%{?1:\.%{1}}(\.debug)?' -o debuginfo%{?1}.list}\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage>-devel package.
#	%%kernel_devel_package <subpackage> <pretty-name>
%define kernel_devel_package() \
%package %{?1:%{1}-}devel\
Summary: Development package for building kernel modules to match the %{?2:%{2} }kernel\
Group: System Environment/Kernel\
Provides: kernel%{?1:-%{1}}-devel-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}\
Provides: kernel-devel-%{_target_cpu} = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:.%{1}}\
Provides: kernel-devel = %{version}-%{release}%{?1:.%{1}}\
Provides: kernel-devel-uname-r = %{KVERREL}%{?1:.%{1}}\
AutoReqProv: no\
Requires(pre): /usr/bin/find\
Requires: perl\
%description -n kernel%{?variant}%{?1:-%{1}}-devel\
This package provides kernel headers and makefiles sufficient to build modules\
against the %{?2:%{2} }kernel package.\

# This macro creates a kernel-<subpackage> and its -devel and -debuginfo too.
#	%%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for <configuration>
#	%%kernel_variant_package [-n <pretty-name>] <subpackage>
%define kernel_variant_package(n:) \
%package %1\
Summary: %{variant_summary}\
Group: System Environment/Kernel\
%{expand:%%kernel_devel_package %1 %{!?-n:%1}%{?-n:%{-n*}}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_debuginfo_package %1}\

# First the auxiliary packages of the main kernel package.

# Now, each variant package.

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for SMP machines
%kernel_variant_package -n SMP smp
%description smp
This package includes a SMP version of the Linux kernel. It is
required only on machines with two or more CPUs as well as machines with
hyperthreading technology.

Install the kernel-smp package if your machine uses two or more CPUs.

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for PAE capable machines
%kernel_variant_package PAE
%description PAE
This package includes a version of the Linux kernel with support for up to
64GB of high memory. It requires a CPU with Physical Address Extensions (PAE).
The non-PAE kernel can only address up to 4GB of memory.
Install the kernel-PAE package if your machine has more than 4GB of memory.

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled with extra debugging enabled for PAE capable machines
%kernel_variant_package PAEdebug
Obsoletes: kernel-PAE-debug
%description PAEdebug
This package includes a version of the Linux kernel with support for up to
64GB of high memory. It requires a CPU with Physical Address Extensions (PAE).
The non-PAE kernel can only address up to 4GB of memory.
Install the kernel-PAE package if your machine has more than 4GB of memory.

This variant of the kernel has numerous debugging options enabled.
It should only be installed when trying to gather additional information
on kernel bugs, as some of these options impact performance noticably.

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled with extra debugging enabled
%kernel_variant_package debug
%description debug
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

This variant of the kernel has numerous debugging options enabled.
It should only be installed when trying to gather additional information
on kernel bugs, as some of these options impact performance noticably.

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for TI-OMAP boards
%kernel_variant_package omap
%description omap
This package includes a version of the Linux kernel with support for
TI-OMAP based systems, i.e., BeagleBoard-xM.

%define variant_summary The Linux kernel compiled for tegra boards
%kernel_variant_package tegra
%description tegra
This package includes a version of the Linux kernel with support for
nvidia tegra based systems, i.e., trimslice, ac-100.

# do a few sanity-checks for --with *only builds
%if %{with_baseonly}
%if !%{with_up}%{with_pae}
echo "Cannot build --with baseonly, up build is disabled"
exit 1

%if %{with_smponly}
%if !%{with_smp}
echo "Cannot build --with smponly, smp build is disabled"
exit 1

%if !%{baserelease}
echo "baserelease must be greater than zero"
exit 1

# more sanity checking; do it quietly
if [ "%{patches}" != "%%{patches}" ] ; then
  for patch in %{patches} ; do
    if [ ! -f $patch ] ; then
      echo "ERROR: Patch  ${patch##/*/}  listed in specfile but is missing"
      exit 1
fi 2>/dev/null

patch_command='patch -p1 -F1 -s'
  local patch=$1
  if [ ! -f $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch ]; then
    exit 1
%if !%{using_upstream_branch}
  if ! grep -E "^Patch[0-9]+: $patch\$" %{_specdir}/${RPM_PACKAGE_NAME%%%%%{?variant}}.spec ; then
    if [ "${patch:0:8}" != "patch-3." ] ; then
      echo "ERROR: Patch  $patch  not listed as a source patch in specfile"
      exit 1
  fi 2>/dev/null
  case "$patch" in
  *.bz2) bunzip2 < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" | $patch_command ${1+"$@"} ;;
  *.gz)  gunzip  < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" | $patch_command ${1+"$@"} ;;
  *.xz)  unxz    < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" | $patch_command ${1+"$@"} ;;
  *) $patch_command ${1+"$@"} < "$RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch" ;;

# don't apply patch if it's empty
  local patch=$1
  if [ ! -f $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch ]; then
    exit 1
  local C=$(wc -l $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/$patch | awk '{print $1}')
  if [ "$C" -gt 9 ]; then
    ApplyPatch $patch ${1+"$@"}

# First we unpack the kernel tarball.
# If this isn't the first make prep, we use links to the existing clean tarball
# which speeds things up quite a bit.

# Update to latest upstream.
%if 0%{?released_kernel}
%define vanillaversion 3.%{base_sublevel}
# non-released_kernel case
%if 0%{?rcrev}
%define vanillaversion 3.%{upstream_sublevel}-rc%{rcrev}
%if 0%{?gitrev}
%define vanillaversion 3.%{upstream_sublevel}-rc%{rcrev}-git%{gitrev}
# pre-{base_sublevel+1}-rc1 case
%if 0%{?gitrev}
%define vanillaversion 3.%{base_sublevel}-git%{gitrev}
%define vanillaversion 3.%{base_sublevel}

# %%{vanillaversion} : the full version name, e.g. 2.6.35-rc6-git3
# %%{kversion}       : the base version, e.g. 2.6.34

# Use kernel-%%{kversion}%%{?dist} as the top-level directory name
# so we can prep different trees within a single git directory.

# Build a list of the other top-level kernel tree directories.
# This will be used to hardlink identical vanilla subdirs.
sharedirs=$(find "$PWD" -maxdepth 1 -type d -name 'kernel-3.*' \
            | grep -x -v "$PWD"/kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist}) ||:

if [ ! -d kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist}/vanilla-%{vanillaversion} ]; then

  if [ -d kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist}/vanilla-%{kversion} ]; then

    # The base vanilla version already exists.
    cd kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist}

    # Any vanilla-* directories other than the base one are stale.
    for dir in vanilla-*; do
      [ "$dir" = vanilla-%{kversion} ] || rm -rf $dir &


    rm -f pax_global_header
    # Look for an identical base vanilla dir that can be hardlinked.
    for sharedir in $sharedirs ; do
      if [[ ! -z $sharedir  &&  -d $sharedir/vanilla-%{kversion} ]] ; then
    if [[ ! -z $sharedir  &&  -d $sharedir/vanilla-%{kversion} ]] ; then
%setup -q -n kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist} -c -T
      cp -rl $sharedir/vanilla-%{kversion} .
%setup -q -n kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist} -c
      mv linux-%{kversion} vanilla-%{kversion}


%if "%{kversion}" != "%{vanillaversion}"

  for sharedir in $sharedirs ; do
    if [[ ! -z $sharedir  &&  -d $sharedir/vanilla-%{vanillaversion} ]] ; then
  if [[ ! -z $sharedir  &&  -d $sharedir/vanilla-%{vanillaversion} ]] ; then

    cp -rl $sharedir/vanilla-%{vanillaversion} .


    # Need to apply patches to the base vanilla version.
    cp -rl vanilla-%{kversion} vanilla-%{vanillaversion}
    cd vanilla-%{vanillaversion}

# Update vanilla to the latest upstream.
# (non-released_kernel case only)
%if 0%{?rcrev}
    ApplyPatch patch-3.%{upstream_sublevel}-rc%{rcrev}.bz2
%if 0%{?gitrev}
    ApplyPatch patch-3.%{upstream_sublevel}-rc%{rcrev}-git%{gitrev}.bz2
# pre-{base_sublevel+1}-rc1 case
%if 0%{?gitrev}
    ApplyPatch patch-3.%{base_sublevel}-git%{gitrev}.bz2

    cd ..




  # We already have all vanilla dirs, just change to the top-level directory.
  cd kernel-%{kversion}%{?dist}


# Now build the fedora kernel tree.
if [ -d linux-%{kversion}.%{_target_cpu} ]; then
  # Just in case we ctrl-c'd a prep already
  rm -rf deleteme.%{_target_cpu}
  # Move away the stale away, and delete in background.
  mv linux-%{kversion}.%{_target_cpu} deleteme.%{_target_cpu}
  rm -rf deleteme.%{_target_cpu} &

cp -rl vanilla-%{vanillaversion} linux-%{kversion}.%{_target_cpu}

cd linux-%{kversion}.%{_target_cpu}

# released_kernel with possible stable updates
%if 0%{?stable_base}
ApplyPatch %{stable_patch_00}
%if 0%{?stable_rc}
ApplyPatch %{stable_patch_01}

%if %{using_upstream_branch}

# Drop some necessary files from the source dir into the buildroot
cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/config-* .
cp %{SOURCE15} .

%if !%{debugbuildsenabled}
%if %{with_release}
# The normal build is a really debug build and the user has explicitly requested
# a release kernel. Change the config files into non-debug versions.
make -f %{SOURCE19} config-release

# Dynamically generate kernel .config files from config-* files
make -f %{SOURCE20} VERSION=%{version} configs

# Merge in any user-provided local config option changes
%if %{?all_arch_configs:1}%{!?all_arch_configs:0}
for i in %{all_arch_configs}
  mv $i $i.tmp
  ./ %{SOURCE1000} $i.tmp > $i
  rm $i.tmp

ApplyOptionalPatch git-linus.diff

ApplyPatch linux-2.6-makefile-after_link.patch

# misc small stuff to make things compile
ApplyOptionalPatch linux-2.6-compile-fixes.patch

%if !%{nopatches}

# revert patches from upstream that conflict or that we get via other means
ApplyOptionalPatch linux-2.6-upstream-reverts.patch -R

ApplyPatch taint-vbox.patch

# Architecture patches
# x86(-64)
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-32bit-mmap-exec-randomization.patch
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-i386-nx-emulation.patch

ApplyPatch arm-omap-dt-compat.patch
ApplyPatch arm-smsc-support-reading-mac-address-from-device-tree.patch

# bugfixes to drivers and filesystems

# ext4

# xfs
ApplyPatch xfs-Fix-possible-memory-corruption-in-xfs_readlink.patch

# btrfs

# eCryptfs

# NFSv4



ApplyPatch linux-2.6-defaults-acpi-video.patch
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-acpi-video-dos.patch
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-acpi-debug-infinite-loop.patch
ApplyPatch acpi-ensure-thermal-limits-match-cpu-freq.patch
ApplyPatch acpi-sony-nonvs-blacklist.patch

# enable ASPM by default on hardware we expect to work
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-defaults-aspm.patch

# SCSI Bits.



# Networking

# Misc fixes
# The input layer spews crap no-one cares about.
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-input-kill-stupid-messages.patch

# stop floppy.ko from autoloading during udev...
ApplyPatch die-floppy-die.patch
ApplyPatch floppy-Remove-_hlt-related-functions.patch

ApplyPatch linux-2.6.30-no-pcspkr-modalias.patch

# Allow to use 480600 baud on 16C950 UARTs
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-serial-460800.patch

# Silence some useless messages that still get printed with 'quiet'
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-silence-noise.patch

# Make fbcon not show the penguins with 'quiet'
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-silence-fbcon-logo.patch

# Changes to upstream defaults.

# /dev/crash driver.
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-crash-driver.patch

# Hack e1000e to work on Montevina SDV
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-e1000-ich9-montevina.patch

# crypto/

# Assorted Virt Fixes
ApplyPatch fix_xen_guest_on_old_EC2.patch

# DRM core

# Nouveau DRM

# Intel DRM
ApplyOptionalPatch drm-intel-next.patch
ApplyPatch drm-intel-make-lvds-work.patch
ApplyPatch drm-i915-sdvo-lvds-is-digital.patch

ApplyPatch linux-2.6-intel-iommu-igfx.patch

# silence the ACPI blacklist code
ApplyPatch linux-2.6-silence-acpi-blacklist.patch

# V4L/DVB updates/fixes/experimental drivers
#  apply if non-empty
ApplyOptionalPatch linux-2.6-v4l-dvb-fixes.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch linux-2.6-v4l-dvb-update.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch linux-2.6-v4l-dvb-experimental.patch

# Patches headed upstream
ApplyPatch disable-i8042-check-on-apple-mac.patch

ApplyPatch epoll-limit-paths.patch
ApplyPatch block-stray-block-put-after-teardown.patch
ApplyPatch usb-add-quirk-for-logitech-webcams.patch

# rhbz#605888
ApplyPatch dmar-disable-when-ricoh-multifunction.patch

ApplyPatch revert-efi-rtclock.patch
ApplyPatch efi-dont-map-boot-services-on-32bit.patch

# utrace.
ApplyPatch utrace.patch

#rhbz 750402
ApplyPatch oom-fix-integer-overflow-of-points.patch

# Add msi irq ennumeration in sysfs for devices
ApplyPatch sysfs-msi-irq-per-device.patch

# Remove overlap between bcma/b43 and brcmsmac and reenable bcm4331
ApplyPatch bcma-brcmsmac-compat.patch



# Any further pre-build tree manipulations happen here.

chmod +x scripts/

# This Prevents scripts/setlocalversion from mucking with our version numbers.
touch .scmversion

# only deal with configs if we are going to build for the arch
%ifnarch %nobuildarches

mkdir configs

# Remove configs not for the buildarch
for cfg in kernel-%{version}-*.config; do
  if [ `echo %{all_arch_configs} | grep -c $cfg` -eq 0 ]; then
    rm -f $cfg

%if !%{debugbuildsenabled}
rm -f kernel-%{version}-*debug.config

# now run oldconfig over all the config files
for i in *.config
  mv $i .config
  Arch=`head -1 .config | cut -b 3-`
  make ARCH=$Arch listnewconfig | grep -E '^CONFIG_' >.newoptions || true
%if %{listnewconfig_fail}
  if [ -s .newoptions ]; then
    cat .newoptions
    exit 1
  rm -f .newoptions
  make ARCH=$Arch oldnoconfig
  echo "# $Arch" > configs/$i
  cat .config >> configs/$i
# end of kernel config

# get rid of unwanted files resulting from patch fuzz
find . \( -name "*.orig" -o -name "*~" \) -exec rm -f {} \; >/dev/null

# remove unnecessary SCM files
find . -name .gitignore -exec rm -f {} \; >/dev/null

cd ..

### build

%if %{with_sparse}
%define sparse_mflags	C=1

%if %{with_debuginfo}
# This override tweaks the kernel makefiles so that we run debugedit on an
# object before embedding it.  When we later run, it will
# run debugedit again.  The edits it does change the build ID bits embedded
# in the stripped object, but repeating debugedit is a no-op.  We do it
# beforehand to get the proper final build ID bits into the embedded image.
# This affects the vDSO images in vmlinux, and the vmlinux image in bzImage.
export AFTER_LINK=\
'sh -xc "/usr/lib/rpm/debugedit -b $$RPM_BUILD_DIR -d /usr/src/debug \
    				-i $@ > $"'

  eu-strip --remove-comment -o "$2" "$1"

BuildKernel() {

    # Pick the right config file for the kernel we're building

    # When the bootable image is just the ELF kernel, strip it.
    # We already copy the unstripped file into the debuginfo package.
    if [ "$KernelImage" = vmlinux ]; then

    echo BUILDING A KERNEL FOR ${Flavour} %{_target_cpu}...

    %if 0%{?stable_update}
    # make sure SUBLEVEL is incremented on a stable release.  Sigh 3.x.
    perl -p -i -e "s/^SUBLEVEL.*/SUBLEVEL = %{?stablerev}/" Makefile

    # make sure EXTRAVERSION says what we want it to say
    perl -p -i -e "s/^EXTRAVERSION.*/EXTRAVERSION = -%{release}.%{_target_cpu}${Flavour:+.${Flavour}}/" Makefile

    # if pre-rc1 devel kernel, must fix up PATCHLEVEL for our versioning scheme
    %if !0%{?rcrev}
    %if 0%{?gitrev}
    perl -p -i -e 's/^PATCHLEVEL.*/PATCHLEVEL = %{upstream_sublevel}/' Makefile

    # and now to start the build process

    make -s mrproper
    cp configs/$Config .config

    Arch=`head -1 .config | cut -b 3-`
    echo USING ARCH=$Arch

    make -s ARCH=$Arch oldnoconfig >/dev/null
    make -s ARCH=$Arch V=1 %{?_smp_mflags} $MakeTarget %{?sparse_mflags}
    make -s ARCH=$Arch V=1 %{?_smp_mflags} modules %{?sparse_mflags} || exit 1

    # Start installing the results
%if %{with_debuginfo}
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/boot
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/%{image_install_path}
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}
    install -m 644 .config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/config-$KernelVer
    install -m 644 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/$KernelVer

    # We estimate the size of the initramfs because rpm needs to take this size
    # into consideration when performing disk space calculations. (See bz #530778)
    dd if=/dev/zero of=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot/initramfs-$KernelVer.img bs=1M count=20

    if [ -f arch/$Arch/boot/zImage.stub ]; then
      cp arch/$Arch/boot/zImage.stub $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/zImage.stub-$KernelVer || :
    $CopyKernel $KernelImage \
    chmod 755 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{image_install_path}/$InstallName-$KernelVer

    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer
    # Override $(mod-fw) because we don't want it to install any firmware
    # we'll get it from the linux-firmware package and we don't want conflicts
    make -s ARCH=$Arch INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT modules_install KERNELRELEASE=$KernelVer mod-fw=
%ifarch %{vdso_arches}
    make -s ARCH=$Arch INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT vdso_install KERNELRELEASE=$KernelVer
    if [ ! -s ldconfig-kernel.conf ]; then
      echo > ldconfig-kernel.conf "\
# Placeholder file, no vDSO hwcap entries used in this kernel."
    %{__install} -D -m 444 ldconfig-kernel.conf \

    # And save the headers/makefiles etc for building modules against
    # This all looks scary, but the end result is supposed to be:
    # * all arch relevant include/ files
    # * all Makefile/Kconfig files
    # * all script/ files

    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/source
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    (cd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer ; ln -s build source)
    # dirs for additional modules per module-init-tools, kbuild/modules.txt
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/extra
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/updates
    # first copy everything
    cp --parents `find  -type f -name "Makefile*" -o -name "Kconfig*"` $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp Module.symvers $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    if [ -s Module.markers ]; then
      cp Module.markers $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    # then drop all but the needed Makefiles/Kconfig files
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/Documentation
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts
    rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include
    cp .config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    cp -a scripts $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build
    if [ -d arch/$Arch/scripts ]; then
      cp -a arch/$Arch/scripts $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/arch/%{_arch} || :
    if [ -f arch/$Arch/*lds ]; then
      cp -a arch/$Arch/*lds $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/arch/%{_arch}/ || :
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts/*.o
    rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/scripts/*/*.o
%ifarch ppc
    cp -a --parents arch/powerpc/lib/crtsavres.[So] $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    if [ -d arch/%{asmarch}/include ]; then
      cp -a --parents arch/%{asmarch}/include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
    cp -a include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include

    # Make sure the Makefile and version.h have a matching timestamp so that
    # external modules can be built
    touch -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/Makefile $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include/linux/version.h
    touch -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/.config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include/linux/autoconf.h
    # Copy .config to include/config/auto.conf so "make prepare" is unnecessary.
    cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/.config $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/include/config/auto.conf

%if %{with_debuginfo}
    if test -s; then
      cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build/
      echo >&2 "*** ERROR *** no vmlinux build ID! ***"
      exit 1

    # save the vmlinux file for kernel debugging into the kernel-debuginfo rpm
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/lib/modules/$KernelVer
    cp vmlinux $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{debuginfodir}/lib/modules/$KernelVer

    find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer -name "*.ko" -type f >modnames

    # mark modules executable so that strip-to-file can strip them
    xargs --no-run-if-empty chmod u+x < modnames

    # Generate a list of modules for block and networking.

    grep -F /drivers/ modnames | xargs --no-run-if-empty nm -upA |
    sed -n 's,^.*/\([^/]*\.ko\):  *U \(.*\)$,\1 \2,p' > drivers.undef

      sed -r -n -e "s/^([^ ]+) \\.?($2)\$/\\1/p" drivers.undef |
      LC_ALL=C sort -u > $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/modules.$1

    collect_modules_list networking \
    collect_modules_list block \
    collect_modules_list drm \
    collect_modules_list modesetting \

    # detect missing or incorrect license tags
    rm -f modinfo
    while read i
      echo -n "${i#$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/} " >> modinfo
      /sbin/modinfo -l $i >> modinfo
    done < modnames

    grep -E -v \
    	  'GPL( v2)?$|Dual BSD/GPL$|Dual MPL/GPL$|GPL and additional rights$' \
	  modinfo && exit 1

    rm -f modinfo modnames

    # remove files that will be auto generated by depmod at rpm -i time
    for i in alias alias.bin builtin.bin ccwmap dep dep.bin ieee1394map inputmap isapnpmap ofmap pcimap seriomap symbols symbols.bin usbmap
      rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/modules.$i

    # Move the devel headers out of the root file system
    mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/src/kernels
    mv $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/$DevelDir
    ln -sf ../../..$DevelDir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/lib/modules/$KernelVer/build

    # prune junk from kernel-devel
    find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/src/kernels -name ".*.cmd" -exec rm -f {} \;

# DO it...

# prepare directories
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/boot
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libexecdir}

cd linux-%{kversion}.%{_target_cpu}

%if %{with_debug}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image debug

%if %{with_pae_debug}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image PAEdebug

%if %{with_pae}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image PAE

%if %{with_omap}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image omap

%if %{with_tegra}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image tegra

%if %{with_up}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image

%if %{with_smp}
BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image smp

%if %{with_perf}
# perf
make %{?_smp_mflags} -C tools/perf -s V=1 HAVE_CPLUS_DEMANGLE=1 prefix=%{_prefix} all
make %{?_smp_mflags} -C tools/perf -s V=1 prefix=%{_prefix} man || %{doc_build_fail}

%if %{with_tools}
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
# cpupower
# make sure is executable.
chmod +x tools/power/cpupower/utils/
make %{?_smp_mflags} -C tools/power/cpupower CPUFREQ_BENCH=false
%ifarch %{ix86}
    cd tools/power/cpupower/debug/i386
    make %{?_smp_mflags} centrino-decode powernow-k8-decode
    cd -
%ifarch x86_64
    cd tools/power/cpupower/debug/x86_64
    make %{?_smp_mflags} centrino-decode powernow-k8-decode
    cd -

%if %{with_doc}
# Make the HTML and man pages.
make htmldocs mandocs || %{doc_build_fail}

# sometimes non-world-readable files sneak into the kernel source tree
chmod -R a=rX Documentation
find Documentation -type d | xargs chmod u+w

### Special hacks for debuginfo subpackages.

# This macro is used by %%install, so we must redefine it before that.
%define debug_package %{nil}

%if %{with_debuginfo}
%define __debug_install_post \
  /usr/lib/rpm/ %{debuginfo_args} %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}\

%ifnarch noarch
%global __debug_package 1
%files -f debugfiles.list debuginfo-common-%{_target_cpu}

### install


cd linux-%{kversion}.%{_target_cpu}

%if %{with_doc}

# copy the source over
mkdir -p $docdir
tar -f - --exclude=man --exclude='.*' -c Documentation | tar xf - -C $docdir

# Install man pages for the kernel API.
mkdir -p $man9dir
find Documentation/DocBook/man -name '*.9.gz' -print0 |
xargs -0 --no-run-if-empty %{__install} -m 444 -t $man9dir $m
ls $man9dir | grep -q '' || > $man9dir/BROKEN
%endif # with_doc

# We have to do the headers install before the tools install because the
# kernel headers_install will remove any header files in /usr/include that
# it doesn't install itself.

%if %{with_headers}
# Install kernel headers
make ARCH=%{hdrarch} INSTALL_HDR_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr headers_install

# Do headers_check but don't die if it fails.
make ARCH=%{hdrarch} INSTALL_HDR_PATH=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr headers_check \
     > hdrwarnings.txt || :
if grep -q exist hdrwarnings.txt; then
   sed s:^$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/:: hdrwarnings.txt
   # Temporarily cause a build failure if header inconsistencies.
   # exit 1

find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include \
     \( -name .install -o -name .check -o \
     	-name ..install.cmd -o -name ..check.cmd \) | xargs rm -f

# glibc provides scsi headers for itself, for now
rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/scsi
rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/asm*/atomic.h
rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/asm*/io.h
rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/asm*/irq.h

%if %{with_perf}
# perf tool binary and supporting scripts/binaries
make -C tools/perf -s V=1 DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT HAVE_CPLUS_DEMANGLE=1 prefix=%{_prefix} install

# python-perf extension
make -C tools/perf -s V=1 DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT HAVE_CPLUS_DEMANGLE=1 prefix=%{_prefix} install-python_ext

# perf man pages (note: implicit rpm magic compresses them later)
make -C tools/perf  -s V=1 DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT HAVE_CPLUS_DEMANGLE=1 prefix=%{_prefix} install-man || %{doc_build_fail}

%if %{with_tools}
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
make -C tools/power/cpupower DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT libdir=%{_libdir} mandir=%{_mandir} CPUFREQ_BENCH=false install
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*.{a,la}
%find_lang cpupower
mv cpupower.lang ../
%ifarch %{ix86}
    cd tools/power/cpupower/debug/i386
    install -m755 centrino-decode %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/centrino-decode
    install -m755 powernow-k8-decode %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/powernow-k8-decode
    cd -
%ifarch x86_64
    cd tools/power/cpupower/debug/x86_64
    install -m755 centrino-decode %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/centrino-decode
    install -m755 powernow-k8-decode %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/powernow-k8-decode
    cd -
chmod 0755 %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_unitdir} %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig
install -m644 %{SOURCE2000} %{buildroot}%{_unitdir}/cpupower.service
install -m644 %{SOURCE2001} %{buildroot}%{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/cpupower


%if %{with_bootwrapper}
make DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT bootwrapper_install WRAPPER_OBJDIR=%{_libdir}/kernel-wrapper WRAPPER_DTSDIR=%{_libdir}/kernel-wrapper/dts

### clean


### scripts

%if %{with_tools}
%post -n kernel-tools

%postun -n kernel-tools

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel*-devel package.
#	%%kernel_devel_post [<subpackage>]
%define kernel_devel_post() \
%{expand:%%post %{?1:%{1}-}devel}\
if [ -f /etc/sysconfig/kernel ]\
    . /etc/sysconfig/kernel || exit $?\
if [ "$HARDLINK" != "no" -a -x /usr/sbin/hardlink ]\
    (cd /usr/src/kernels/%{KVERREL}%{?1:.%{1}} &&\
     /usr/bin/find . -type f | while read f; do\
       hardlink -c /usr/src/kernels/*.fc*.*/$f $f\

# This macro defines a %%posttrans script for a kernel package.
#	%%kernel_variant_posttrans [<subpackage>]
# More text can follow to go at the end of this variant's %%post.
%define kernel_variant_posttrans() \
%{expand:%%posttrans %{?1}}\
/sbin/new-kernel-pkg --package kernel%{?-v:-%{-v*}} --mkinitrd --dracut --depmod --update %{KVERREL}%{?-v:.%{-v*}} || exit $?\
/sbin/new-kernel-pkg --package kernel%{?1:-%{1}} --rpmposttrans %{KVERREL}%{?1:.%{1}} || exit $?\

# This macro defines a %%post script for a kernel package and its devel package.
#	%%kernel_variant_post [-v <subpackage>] [-r <replace>]
# More text can follow to go at the end of this variant's %%post.
%define kernel_variant_post(v:r:) \
%{expand:%%kernel_devel_post %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%kernel_variant_posttrans %{?-v*}}\
%{expand:%%post %{?-v*}}\
if [ `uname -i` == "x86_64" -o `uname -i` == "i386" ] &&\
   [ -f /etc/sysconfig/kernel ]; then\
  /bin/sed -r -i -e 's/^DEFAULTKERNEL=%{-r*}$/DEFAULTKERNEL=kernel%{?-v:-%{-v*}}/' /etc/sysconfig/kernel || exit $?\
/sbin/new-kernel-pkg --package kernel%{?-v:-%{-v*}} --install %{KVERREL}%{?-v:.%{-v*}} || exit $?\

# This macro defines a %%preun script for a kernel package.
#	%%kernel_variant_preun <subpackage>
%define kernel_variant_preun() \
%{expand:%%preun %{?1}}\
/sbin/new-kernel-pkg --rminitrd --rmmoddep --remove %{KVERREL}%{?1:.%{1}} || exit $?\

%kernel_variant_post -r kernel-smp

%kernel_variant_preun smp
%kernel_variant_post -v smp

%kernel_variant_preun PAE
%kernel_variant_post -v PAE -r (kernel|kernel-smp)

%kernel_variant_preun debug
%kernel_variant_post -v debug

%kernel_variant_post -v PAEdebug -r (kernel|kernel-smp)
%kernel_variant_preun PAEdebug

%kernel_variant_preun omap
%kernel_variant_post -v omap

%kernel_variant_preun tegra
%kernel_variant_post -v tegra

if [ -x /sbin/ldconfig ]
    /sbin/ldconfig -X || exit $?

### file lists

%if %{with_headers}
%files headers

%if %{with_bootwrapper}
%files bootwrapper

# only some architecture builds need kernel-doc
%if %{with_doc}
%files doc
%dir %{_datadir}/doc/kernel-doc-%{rpmversion}/Documentation
%dir %{_datadir}/doc/kernel-doc-%{rpmversion}

%if %{with_perf}
%files -n perf
%dir %{_libexecdir}/perf-core

%files -n python-perf

%if %{with_debuginfo}
%files -f perf-debuginfo.list -n perf-debuginfo

%files -f python-perf-debuginfo.list -n python-perf-debuginfo
%endif # with_perf

%if %{with_tools}
%files -n kernel-tools -f cpupower.lang
%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/cpupower

%if %{with_debuginfo}
%files -f kernel-tools-debuginfo.list -n kernel-tools-debuginfo

%ifarch %{cpupowerarchs}
%files -n kernel-tools-devel
%endif # with_perf

# This is %%{image_install_path} on an arch where that includes ELF files,
# or empty otherwise.
%define elf_image_install_path %{?kernel_image_elf:%{image_install_path}}

# This macro defines the %%files sections for a kernel package
# and its devel and debuginfo packages.
#	%%kernel_variant_files [-k vmlinux] <condition> <subpackage>
%define kernel_variant_files(k:) \
%if %{1}\
%{expand:%%files %{?2}}\
%attr(600,root,root) /boot/{KVERREL}%{?2:.%{2}}\
%dir /lib/modules/%{KVERREL}%{?2:.%{2}}\
%ifarch %{vdso_arches}\
%ghost /boot/initramfs-%{KVERREL}%{?2:.%{2}}.img\
%{expand:%%files %{?2:%{2}-}devel}\
%if %{with_debuginfo}\
%ifnarch noarch\
%{expand:%%files -f debuginfo%{?2}.list %{?2:%{2}-}debuginfo}\

%kernel_variant_files %{with_up}
%kernel_variant_files %{with_smp} smp
%kernel_variant_files %{with_debug} debug
%kernel_variant_files %{with_pae} PAE
%kernel_variant_files %{with_pae_debug} PAEdebug
%kernel_variant_files %{with_omap} omap
%kernel_variant_files %{with_tegra} tegra

# plz don't put in a version string unless you're going to tag
# and build.

#  ___________________________________________________________
# / This branch is for Fedora 17. You probably want to commit \
# \ to the F-16 branch instead, or in addition to this one.   /
#  -----------------------------------------------------------
#         \   ^__^
#          \  (@@)\_______
#             (__)\       )\/\
#                 ||----w |
#                 ||     ||
* Fri Nov 11 2011 John W. Linville <>
- Remove overlap between bcma/b43 and brcmsmac and reenable bcm4331

* Thu Nov 10 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.2-rc1-git2

* Wed Nov 09 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.2-rc1-git1
- Enable the brcm80211 modules now that they have left staging

* Tue Nov 08 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add python-perf-debuginfo package (rhbz 752140)

* Tue Nov 08 2011 Neil Horman <>
- Add msi irq ennumeration per dev in sysfs (bz 744012)

* Tue Nov 08 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.2-rc1

* Mon Nov 07 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git7
- Drop override for XEN_MAX_DOMAIN_MEMORY (rhbz 751789)
- Add fixes from git://
- Add two patches to fix mac80211 issues (rhbz 731365)

* Fri Nov 04 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git6

* Thu Nov 03 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git5

* Tue Nov 01 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git4

* Tue Nov 01 2011 Dave Jones <>
- allow building the perf rpm for ARM (rhbz 741325)

* Tue Nov 01 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Add another Sony laptop to the nonvs blacklist. (rhbz 641789)

* Tue Nov 01 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Restore perf sub-package so that sparc64 and s390x get their
  perf back.

* Mon Oct 31 2011 Josh Boyer <>
-CVE-2011-4097: oom_badness() integer overflow (rhbz 750402)

* Mon Oct 31 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Build a python-perf subpackage.

* Mon Oct 31 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git3.  Happy Halloween.

* Fri Oct 28 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git2

* Thu Oct 27 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Drop ia64
- Drop alpha

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Make some config changes caught during a review:
 - CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA: disable, it's only for some ARM boards
 - CONFIG_MEDIA_ALTERA_CI=m: needed for some DVB boards
 - CONFIG_DEBUG_BLK_CGROUP: stop setting it twice...

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Chuck Ebbert <>
- Add build option "--with=release" to build a non-debug kernel in rawhide.

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-git1

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.1.0-5
- Rebuilt for glibc bug#747377

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Drop kernel-firmware subpackage. We've had linux-firmware around for
  enough releases now.
- ppc64/ppc vdso patches have been upstream for ages.
- Install vdso on s390/s390x.
- Fedora 8 was a very long time ago... fancy_debuginfo turns into
  with_debuginfo in the glorious future.
- Disable CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE, upstream consensus is -O2 has
  generated better code than -Os for a while
- Drop vanilla-% targets, and other Makefile cruft which has been bit
  rotting for years.
- Dump %rhel config bits which are not used in Fedora.
- Drop dead Source0 hacks from the 2.6->3.0 transition.

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- CVE-2011-4077: xfs: potential buffer overflow in xfs_readlink() (rhbz 749166)

* Tue Oct 25 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- CVE-2011-3347: be2net: promiscuous mode and non-member VLAN packets DoS (rhbz 748691)
- CVE-2011-1083: excessive in kernel CPU consumption when creating large nested epoll structures (rhbz 748668)

* Mon Oct 24 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Backport 3 fixed from linux-next to fix dib0700 playback (rhbz 733827)

* Mon Oct 24 2011 Chuck Ebbert <> 3.1.0-1
- Linux 3.1

* Sun Oct 23 2011 Chuck Ebbert <>
- Make rpmbuild option "without_debug" work properly on rawhide.

* Fri Oct 21 2011 Chuck Ebbert <> 3.1.0-0.rc10.git1.1
- Require grubby >= 8.3-1 like F16 does.
- Update to upstream HEAD (v3.1-rc10-42-g2efd7c0).

* Fri Oct 21 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Lower severity of Radeon lockup messages.

* Wed Oct 19 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Add Sony VGN-FW21E to nonvs blacklist. (rhbz 641789)

* Wed Oct 19 2011 Chuck Ebbert <>
- Sync with F16
- Linux 3.1-rc10
- Copy nouveau updates patch from F16
- Fix deadlock in POSIX cputimer code (rhbz #746485)

* Tue Oct 18 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch to fix invalid EFI remap calls from Matt Fleming

* Mon Oct 17 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add two patches to fix stalls in khugepaged (rhbz 735946)

* Fri Oct 14 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Disable CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS_POWER which is supposed to be going away soon.

* Thu Oct 13 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Update usb-add-quirk-for-logitech-webcams.patch with C600 ID (rhbz 742010)

* Thu Oct 13 2011 Adam Jackson <>
- drm/i915: Treat SDVO LVDS as digital when parsing EDID (#729882)

* Thu Oct 13 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch from Stanislaw Gruszka to fix iwlagn NULL dereference (rhbz 744155)

* Tue Oct 11 2011 Josh Boyer <>

* Thu Oct 06 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch to fix base frequency check for Ricoh e823 devices (rhbz 722509)

* Thu Oct 06 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Taint if virtualbox modules have been loaded.

* Wed Oct 05 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc9

* Thu Sep 29 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Update logitech USB quirk patch

* Tue Sep 27 2011 Chuck Ebbert <>
- Linux 3.1-rc8
- New option: CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_764369 is not set
- Fix up utrace.patch to apply after commit f9d81f61c

* Thu Sep 22 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Make CONFIG_XEN_PLATFORM_PCI=y (rhbz 740664)

* Thu Sep 22 2011 Dennis Gilmore <>
- build a vmlinux image on sparc64 

* Wed Sep 21 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc7

* Tue Sep 20 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Limit 32-bit x86 kernels to 32 processors.

* Mon Sep 19 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Merge some improvements to the 32bit mmap randomisation from Kees Cook.

* Wed Sep 14 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch to fix deadlock in ppc64 icswx (rhbz 737984)

* Wed Sep 14 2011 Neil Horman <>
- Enable CONFIG_IP_VS_IPV6 (bz 738194)

* Wed Sep 14 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add support for Macbook Air 4,1 keyboard, trackpad, and bluetooth
- Add patch to fix HVCS on ppc64 (rhbz 738096)
- Add various ibmveth driver fixes (rhbz 733766)

* Mon Sep 12 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc6
- Avoid false quiescent states in rcutree with CONFIG_RCU_FAST_NO_HZ. (rhbz 577968)

* Fri Sep 09 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Change to 64K page size for ppc64 kernels (rhbz 736751)

* Wed Sep 07 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc5 (locally generated patch from git as is down)
- Add patch to fix oops when linking entities in ucvideo (rhbz 735437)

* Fri Sep 02 2011 Dave Jones <>
- utrace: s390: fix the compile problem with traps.c (rhbz 735118)

* Tue Aug 30 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Revert "x86: Serialize EFI time accesses on rtc_lock" (rhbz 732755)

* Tue Aug 30 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch to fix rhbz 606017

* Mon Aug 29 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc4

* Sat Aug 27 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Fix get_gate_vma usage in i386 NX emulation
- Bring back the 32bit mmap randomization patch for now.
  NX emulation is still too dependant upon it.

* Sat Aug 27 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc3-git6

* Fri Aug 26 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Enable CONFIG_DETECT_HUNG_TASK for debug builds & rawhide.

* Fri Aug 26 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Drop linux-2.6-debug-vm-would-have-oomkilled.patch
  The oom-killer heuristics have improved enough that this should
  never be necessary (and it probably doesn't dtrt any more)

* Fri Aug 26 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Drop linux-2.6-32bit-mmap-exec-randomization.patch
  Outlived it's usefulness (and made of ugly)

* Fri Aug 26 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Drop acpi-ec-add-delay-before-write.patch (rhbz 733690)

* Fri Aug 26 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc3-git5

* Thu Aug 25 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc3-git3

* Wed Aug 24 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Revert 'iwlwifi: advertise max aggregate size'. (rhbz 708747)

* Mon Aug 22 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc3
- Add patch to fix duplicate backlight registration (rhbz 732202)

* Mon Aug 22 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc2-git9

* Sat Aug 20 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc2-git8

* Sat Aug 20 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc2-git7
- Add a provides/obsoletes for cpupowerutils-devel

* Fri Aug 19 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch from upstream to fix 64-bit divide error in btrfs

* Fri Aug 19 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc2-git5
- Change XHCI to builtin (rhbz 731706)
- Add patch to fix race between cryptd and aesni (rhbz 721002)

* Thu Aug 18 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Adjust provides/obsoletes to replace the cpupowerutils package

* Thu Aug 18 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Add patch to fix perf build against rawhide glibc
- Add BR for gettext for cpupower translations

* Wed Aug 17 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.1-rc2-git4
- Create the kernel-tools subpackages based on a start by davej

* Tue Aug 16 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Prepare for packaging more of tools/ by renaming 'perf' subpackage
  to kernel-tools

* Tue Aug 16 2011 Dennis Gilmore <>
+- add config for arm tegra devices
+- setup kernel to build omap image (patch from David Marlin)
+- setup kernel to build tegra image based on omap work
+- add arm device tree patches

* Tue Aug 16 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Bring ARM config changes from David Marlin forward
- Sync a handful of patches from f16

* Mon Aug 15 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.1-rc2
- Replace trial patch for rhbz 726877 with a better fix

* Thu Aug 11 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.1-rc1-git6
- Make ide_pmac a module (rhbz 730039)

* Thu Aug 11 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.1-rc1-git3

* Wed Aug 10 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Make sure all the config-* files are in Sources

* Wed Aug 10 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.1-rc1-git2

* Tue Aug 09 2011 Dave Jones <>
- ptrace_report_syscall: check if TIF_SYSCALL_EMU is defined

* Tue Aug 09 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Enable CONFIG_SAMSUNG_LAPTOP (rhbz 729363)

* Mon Aug 08 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.1-rc1-git1

* Mon Aug 08 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.1-rc1
- Adjust Makefile munging for new 3.x numbering scheme

* Fri Aug 05 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Deselect CONFIG_DECNET. Unmaintained, and rubbish.

* Fri Aug 05 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux-3.0-git21

* Thu Aug 04 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Drop neuter_intel_microcode_load.patch (rhbz 690930)

* Thu Aug 04 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git19
- Add patch to fix epoll backtrace (rhbz 722472)
- Add trial patch to fix rhbz 726877

* Wed Aug 03 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Re-apply the rebased utrace

* Wed Aug 03 2011 John W. Linville <>
- Disable CONFIG_BCMA since no driver currently uses it (rhbz 727796)

* Tue Aug 02 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Change USB_SERIAL_OPTION back to modular. (rhbz 727680)

* Tue Aug 02 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git17
- Add patch to fix backtrace in cdc_ncm driver (rhbz 720128)
- Add patch to fix backtrace in usm-realtek driver (rhbz 720054)
- Add change from Yanko Kaneti to get the rt2x00 drivers in modules.networking
  (rhbz 708314)

* Tue Aug 02 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git16

* Mon Aug 01 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git14

* Sat Jul 30 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git12

* Fri Jul 29 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Adjust Makefile sedding to account for 3.x release style

* Fri Jul 29 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git11
- Backport patch to correct udlfb removal events (rhbz 726163)

* Thu Jul 28 2011 Dave Jones <>
- module-init-tools needs to be a prereq not a conflict.

* Wed Jul 27 2011 Josh Boyer <>
- Linux 3.0-git9
- Move CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL to config-generic now that powerpc has it too

* Mon Jul 25 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Linux 3.0-git3
- Drop hda_intel-prealloc-4mb-dmabuffer.patch, set new
  CONFIG_SND_HDA_PREALLOC_SIZE=4096 for similar effect.

* Fri Jul 22 2011 Dave Jones <>
- bootwrapper needs objcopy. Add it to requires: (wwoods)

* Fri Jul 22 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0.0-1
- Linux 3.0, but really 3.0.0 (sigh)

* Thu Jul 21 2011 Chuck Ebbert <>  3.0-0.rc7.git10.1
- 3.0-rc7-git10
- Use ext4 for ext2 and ext3 filesystems (CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT23=y)

* Thu Jul 21 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Switch BLK_DEV_RAM to be modular (rhbz 720833)

* Wed Jul 20 2011 Chuck Ebbert <> 3.0-0.rc7.git8.1
- 3.0-rc7-git8

* Fri Jul 15 2011 Dave Jones <> 3.0-0.rc7.git3.1
- 3.0-rc7-git3

* Fri Jul 15 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Bring back utrace until uprobes gets merged upstream.

* Wed Jul 13 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc7.git1.1
- Update to snapshot 3.0-rc7-git1 for intel drm fixes.

* Tue Jul 12 2011 John W. Linville <>
- zd1211rw: fix invalid signal values from device (rhbz 720093)

* Tue Jul 12 2011 John W. Linville <>
- rt2x00: Add device ID for RT539F device. (rhbz 720594)

* Tue Jul 12 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc7.git0.1
- Linux 3.0-rc7, hopefully the last before the Great Renumbering becomes

* Mon Jul 11 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Change BINFMT_MISC to be modular. (rhbz 695415)

* Sun Jul 10 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc6.git6.1
- Linux 3.0-rc6-git6
- iwlagn-fix-dma-direction.patch: drop.
- Revert CONFIG_X86_RESERVE_LOW=640, it breaks booting on x86_64.

* Thu Jul 07 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Centralise CPU_FREQ options into config-generic.
  Switch to using ondemand by default. (rhbz 713572)

* Wed Jul 06 2011 Chuck Ebbert <>
- Set CONFIG_X86_RESERVE_LOW=640 as requested by mjg

* Mon Jul 04 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc6.git0.1
- Linux 3.0-rc6
- [generic] SCSI_ISCI=m, because why not

* Sat Jul 02 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc5.git5.1
- Linux 3.0-rc5-git5

* Mon Jun 27 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc5.git0.1
- Linux 3.0-rc5

* Mon Jun 27 2011 Dave Jones <>
- Disable CONFIG_CRYPTO_MANAGER_DISABLE_TESTS, as this also disables FIPS (rhbz 716942)

* Thu Jun 23 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc4.git3.1
- Linux 3.0-rc4-git3
- Drop linux-3.0-fix-uts-release.patch, and instead just perl the Makefile
- linux-2.6-silence-noise.patch: fix context
- iwlagn-fix-dma-direction.patch: fix DMAR errors (for me at least)

* Wed Jun 22 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc4.git0.2
- Re-enable debuginfo generation. Thanks to Richard Jones for noticing... no
  wonder builds had been so quick lately.

* Tue Jun 21 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc4.git0.1
- Linux 3.0-rc4 (getting closer...)

* Fri Jun 17 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc3.git6.1
- Update to 3.0-rc3-git6

* Fri Jun 17 2011 Dave Jones <>
- drop qcserial 'compile fix' that was just duplicating an include.
- drop struct sizeof debug patch. (no real value. not upstreamable)
- drop linux-2.6-debug-always-inline-kzalloc.patch.
  Can't recall why this was added. Can easily re-add if deemed necessary.

* Fri Jun 17 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- linux-2.6-defaults-pci_no_msi.patch: drop, haven't toggled the default
  in many moons.
- linux-2.6-defaults-pci_use_crs.patch: ditto.
- linux-2.6-selinux-mprotect-checks.patch: upstream a while ago.
- drm-i915-gen4-has-non-power-of-two-strides.patch: drop buggy bugfix
- drop some more unapplied crud.
- We haven't applied firewire patches in a dogs age.

* Fri Jun 17 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc3.git5.1
- Try updating to a git snapshot for the first time in 3.0-rc,
  update to 3.0-rc3-git5
- Fix a subtle bug I introduced in 3.0-rc1, "patch-3." is 9 letters, not 10.

* Thu Jun 16 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Disable mm patches which had been submitted against 2.6.39, as Rik reports
  they seem to aggravate a VM_BUG_ON. More investigation is necessary.

* Wed Jun 15 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Conflict with pre-3.2.1-5 versions of mdadm. (#710646)

* Wed Jun 15 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Build in aesni-intel on i686 for symmetry with 64-bit.

* Tue Jun 14 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc3.git0.3
- Fix libdm conflict (whose bright idea was it to give subpackages differing
  version numbers?)

* Tue Jun 14 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Update to 3.0-rc3, add another conflicts to deal with 2 digit
  versions (libdm.)
- Simplify linux-3.0-fix-uts-release.patch now that SUBLEVEL is optional.
- revert-ftrace-remove-unnecessary-disabling-of-irqs.patch: drop upstreamed
- drm-intel-eeebox-eb1007-quirk.patch: ditto.
- ath5k-disable-fast-channel-switching-by-default.patch: ditto.

* Thu Jun 09 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- ath5k-disable-fast-channel-switching-by-default.patch (rhbz#709122)
  (korgbz#34992) [a99168ee in wireless-next]

* Thu Jun 09 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc2.git0.2
- rhbz#710921: revert-ftrace-remove-unnecessary-disabling-of-irqs.patch

* Wed Jun 08 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc2.git0.1
- Update to 3.0-rc2, rebase utsname fix.
- Build IPv6 into the kernel for a variety of reasons

* Mon Jun 06 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc1.git0.3
- Conflict with module-init-tools older than 3.13 to ensure the
  3.0 transition is handled correctly.

* Wed Jun 01 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc1.git0.2
- Fix utsname for 3.0-rc1

* Mon May 30 2011 Kyle McMartin <> 3.0-0.rc1.git0.1
- Linux 3.0-rc1 (won't build until module-init-tools gets an update.)

* Mon May 30 2011 Kyle McMartin <>
- Trimmed changelog, see fedpkg git for earlier history.

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