#33 correct i915 warning
Opened 2 months ago by toppk. Modified a month ago
rpms/ toppk/kernel f31  into  f31

correct i915 warning
toppk • 2 months ago  

@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ 

   	sw_config = to_intel_crtc_state(new_crtc_state);

   	if (!intel_pipe_config_compare(sw_config, pipe_config, false)) {

  -		I915_STATE_WARN(1, "pipe state doesn't match!\n");

- +		DRM_DEBUG_KMS(1, "pipe state doesn't match!\n");

+ +		DRM_DEBUG_KMS("pipe state doesn't match!\n");

   		intel_dump_pipe_config(pipe_config, NULL, "[hw state]");

   		intel_dump_pipe_config(sw_config, NULL, "[sw state]");


I noticed this warning during compilation, and it seems like a simple error. I915_STATE_WARN takes a condition paramater, then format and arguments but DRM_DEBUG_KMS only takes format and arguments.

Please fix this on rawhide first then we can see about backporting to stable branches.

This actually got fixed in Rawhide last month with commit a08a035 ("Drop drm-i915-hush-check-crtc-state.patch"). We can either drop it in stable too or just wait for the rebase.