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diff -up ksh-20100202/src/cmd/ksh93/sh.1.pathvar ksh-20100202/src/cmd/ksh93/sh.1
--- ksh-20100202/src/cmd/ksh93/sh.1.pathvar	2011-04-26 16:42:08.000000000 +0200
+++ ksh-20100202/src/cmd/ksh93/sh.1	2011-04-27 09:09:00.315883280 +0200
@@ -4025,13 +4025,9 @@ the directory containing the command.
 Alternative directory names are separated by
 a colon
 .RB ( : ).
-The default path is
-.B /bin:/usr/bin:
-.BR /bin ,
-.BR /usr/bin ,
-and the current directory
-in that order).
+The default path is equal to
+.BI getconf\ PATH
 The current directory can be specified by
 two or more adjacent colons, or by a colon
 at the beginning or end of the path list.