ebf9b3 fix segfault in job list code

Authored and Committed by mhlavink 5 years ago
    fix segfault in job list code
    - do not resend signal on termination (#1092132)
    - fix brace expansion on/off
    - fix incorrect rounding of numsers 0.5 < |x| <1.0 in printf (#1080940)
    - fix parser errors related to the end of the here-document marker
    - ksh hangs when command substitution fills out the pipe buffer
    - using typeset -l with a restricted variabled caused segmentation fault
    - monitor mode was documented incorrectly
    - do not crash when unsetting running function from another one (#1105139)
    - should report an error when trying to cd into directory without execution bit
    - job locking mechanism did not survive compiler optimization
    - reading a file via command substitution did not work when any of stdin,
      stdout or stderr were closed (#1070308)
    - fix lexical parser crash
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