99e2927 Update to 0.0.66

Authored and Committed by mfabian a month ago
    Update to 0.0.66
    - Fix syntax error in a keyboard layout name for th
      (Resolves: https://github.com/mike-fabian/langtable/issues/21xs)
    - Add mdf
    - Use “in(eng)” keyboard layout instead of “us” for BD to get AltGr enabled
    - Get translation changes from CLDR
    - Add option to include changed translations as well to the script getting translations from CLDR
    - Add reference to the the PyPI package to the README.md.
      And add a README.html and README generated from the README.md.
    - Make test outputs somewhat more verbose, even when all tests pass
      (Resolves: https://github.com/mike-fabian/langtable/pull/20).
      Thanks to Sebastian <seb128@ubuntu.com> for the pull request.
    - Fix Makefile twine-upload target for new authentification
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