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Latexmk almost works out of the box.  Three changes have been made to
conform to Fedora Core conventions.  First, the default DVI, PostScript,
and PDF previewers have been changed to 'xdg-open'; see below for more
information. Second, the script has been altered so that it does not
search for the perl binary; perl is in a known location on Fedora Core
systems.  Finally, the site-wide configuration file is /etc/latexmk.conf
only, as opposed to the list of names searched by the original latexmk.


The command xdg-open views a file using the viewer selected by the user
for that type of file.  See the xdg-mime(1) command for more
information.  Unfortunately, the use of xdg-open precludes the updating
of the previewing application, as latexmk cannot know which application
is doing the previewing.  It also breaks viewing of landscape documents
for some previewers.  For best results, you should customize latexmk for
the particular previewers you intend to use.  Following are the settings
for some commonly used previewers, to be placed in the site, user, or
project configuration file.  Note that an update method of 1 means that
there is no way for latexmk to cause the program to refresh; you have to
take some action of your own to see changes to the document.


      1. xdvi

         $dvi_previewer = 'start xdvi';
         $dvi_previewer_landscape = 'start xdvi -paper usr';
         $dvi_update_method = 2;

      2. pxdvi

         $dvi_previewer = 'start pxdvi';
         $dvi_previewer_landscape = 'start pxdvi -paper usr';
         $dvi_update_method = 2;

      3. kdvi

         $dvi_previewer = 'start kdvi';
         $dvi_previewer_landscape = 'start kdvi';
         $dvi_update_method = 0;


      1. gv

         $ps_previewer = 'start gv -watch';
         $ps_previewer_landscape = 'start gv -swap -watch';
         $ps_update_method = 0;

      2. evince

         $ps_previewer = 'start evince';
         $ps_previewer_landscape = 'start evince';
         $ps_update_method = 1;

      3. kghostview

         $ps_previewer = 'start kghostview';
         $ps_previewer_landscape = 'start kghostview --orientation=landscape';
         $ps_update_method = 1;

         If you can remember to set the "Watch File" option in
         kghostview, then instead set:

         $ps_update_method = 0;

         Unfortunately, there appears to be no command line argument to
         set the "Watch File" option.


      1. gv

         $pdf_previewer = 'start gv -watch';
         $pdf_update_method = 0;

      2. evince

         $pdf_previewer = 'start evince';
         $pdf_update_method = 1;

      3. kghostview

         $pdf_previewer = 'start kghostview';
         $pdf_update_method = 1;

	 See the remark on the "Watch File" option above.

      4. kpdf

         $pdf_previewer = 'start kpdf;
         $pdf_update_method = 1;

	 The "Watch File" remark above for kghostview applies to kpdf also.

      5. acroread

         $pdf_previewer = 'start acroread';
         $pdf_update_method = 1;