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For the RPMs, we want the custom installation directories to end in
/pgsql not /postgresql.  This is historical but not worth changing.

Notice that this patch also makes the appending of /pgsql unconditional.
This is to avoid unexpected behavior if the RPM is built in a working
directory whose path happens to include "postgres" or "pgsql" already.
However, datadir and sysconfdir are already set up in the specfile's
configure call, so we do not have to append anything to them.

diff -Naur postgresql-9.0.1.orig/src/ postgresql-9.0.1/src/
--- postgresql-9.0.1.orig/src/	2010-10-01 10:25:44.000000000 -0400
+++ postgresql-9.0.1/src/	2010-10-11 11:52:05.224975308 -0400
@@ -55,8 +55,7 @@
 # Installation directories
 # These are set by the equivalent --xxxdir configure options.  We
-# append "postgresql" to some of them, if the string does not already
-# contain "pgsql" or "postgres", in order to avoid directory clutter.
+# append "pgsql" to some of them, in order to avoid directory clutter.
 # In a PGXS build, we cannot use the values inserted into
 # by configure, since the installation tree may have been relocated.
@@ -74,45 +73,23 @@
 bindir := @bindir@
 datadir := @datadir@
-ifeq "$(findstring pgsql, $(datadir))" ""
-ifeq "$(findstring postgres, $(datadir))" ""
-override datadir := $(datadir)/postgresql
 sysconfdir := @sysconfdir@
-ifeq "$(findstring pgsql, $(sysconfdir))" ""
-ifeq "$(findstring postgres, $(sysconfdir))" ""
-override sysconfdir := $(sysconfdir)/postgresql
 libdir := @libdir@
 pkglibdir = $(libdir)
-ifeq "$(findstring pgsql, $(pkglibdir))" ""
-ifeq "$(findstring postgres, $(pkglibdir))" ""
-override pkglibdir := $(pkglibdir)/postgresql
+override pkglibdir := $(pkglibdir)/pgsql
 includedir := @includedir@
 pkgincludedir = $(includedir)
-ifeq "$(findstring pgsql, $(pkgincludedir))" ""
-ifeq "$(findstring postgres, $(pkgincludedir))" ""
-override pkgincludedir := $(pkgincludedir)/postgresql
+override pkgincludedir := $(pkgincludedir)/pgsql
 mandir := @mandir@
 docdir := @docdir@
-ifeq "$(findstring pgsql, $(docdir))" ""
-ifeq "$(findstring postgres, $(docdir))" ""
-override docdir := $(docdir)/postgresql
+override docdir := $(docdir)/pgsql
 htmldir := @htmldir@