9fac48 Update to upstream

Merged and Committed by dwalsh 7 years ago
    Update to upstream
    	* Add support for lxc_contexts_path
    	* utils: add service to getdefaultcon
    	* libsemanage: do not set soname needlessly
    	* libsemanage: remove PYTHONLIBDIR and ruby equivalent
    	* boolean name equivalency
    	* getsebool: support boolean name substitution
    	* Add man page for new selinux_boolean_sub function.
    	* expose selinux_boolean_sub
    	* matchpathcon: add -m option to force file type check
    	* utils: avcstat: clear sa_mask set
    	* seusers: Check for strchr failure
    	* booleans: initialize pointer to silence coveriety
    	* stop messages when SELinux disabled
    	* label_file: use PCRE instead of glibc regex functions
    	* label_file: remove all typedefs
    	* label_file: move definitions to include file
    	* label_file: do string to mode_t conversion in a helper function
    	* label_file: move error reporting back into caller
    	* label_file: move stem/spec handling to header
    	* label_file: drop useless ncomp field from label_file data
    	* label_file: move spec_hasMetaChars to header
    	* label_file: fix potential read past buffer in spec_hasMetaChars
    	* label_file: move regex sorting to the header
    	* label_file: add accessors for the pcre extra data
    	* label_file: only run regex files one time
    	* label_file: new process_file function
    	* label_file: break up find_stem_from_spec
    	* label_file: struct reorg
    	* label_file: only run array once when sorting
    	* Ensure that we only close the selinux netlink socket once.
    	* improve the file_contexts.5 manual page
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