bb6f29 Update to upstream

Authored and Committed by dwalsh 6 years ago
    Update to upstream
    	* Fix avc_has_perm() returns -1 even when SELinux is in permissive mode.
    	* Support overriding Makefile RANLIB from Sven Vermeulen.
    	* Update pkgconfig definition from Sven Vermeulen.
    	* Mount sysfs before trying to mount selinuxfs from Sven Vermeulen.
    	* Fix man pages from Laurent Bigonville.
    	* Support overriding PATH  and LIBBASE in Makefiles from Laurent Bigonville.
    	* Fix LDFLAGS usage from Laurent Bigonville
    	* Avoid shadowing stat in load_mmap from Joe MacDonald.
    	* Support building on older PCRE libraries from Joe MacDonald.
    	* Fix handling of temporary file in sefcontext_compile from Dan Walsh.
    	* Fix procattr cache from Dan Walsh.
    	* Define python constants for getenforce result from Dan Walsh.
    	* Fix label substitution handling of / from Dan Walsh.
    	* Add selinux_current_policy_path from Dan Walsh.
    	* Change get_context_list to only return good matches from Dan Walsh.
    	* Support udev-197 and higher from Sven Vermeulen and Dan Walsh.
    	* Add support for local substitutions from Dan Walsh.
    	* Change setfilecon to not return ENOSUP if context is already correct from Dan Walsh.
    	* Python wrapper leak fixes from Dan Walsh.
    	* Export SELINUX_TRANS_DIR definition in selinux.h from Dan Walsh.
    	* Add selinux_systemd_contexts_path from Dan Walsh.
    	* Add selinux_set_policy_root from Dan Walsh.
    	* Add man page for sefcontext_compile from Dan Walsh.
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