c1553d Update to upstream

Authored and Committed by dwalsh 7 years ago
    Update to upstream
            * audit2why: make sure path is nul terminated
            * utils: new file context regex compiler
            * label_file: use precompiled filecontext when possible
            * do not leak mmapfd
            * sefcontontext_compile: Add error handling to help debug problems in libsemanage.
            * man: make selinux.8 mention service man pages
            * audit2why: Fix segfault if finish() called twice
            * audit2why: do not leak on multiple init() calls
            * mode_to_security_class: interface to translate a mode_t in to a security class
            * audit2why: Cleanup audit2why analysys function
            * man: Fix program synopsis and function prototypes in man pages
            * man: Fix man pages formatting
            * man: Fix typo in man page
            * man: Add references and man page links to _raw function variants
            * Use ENOTSUP instead of EOPNOTSUPP for getfilecon functions
            * man: context_new(3): fix the return value description
            * selinux_status_open: handle error from sysconf
            * selinux_status_open: do not leak statusfd on exec
            * Fix errors found by coverity
            * Change boooleans.subs to booleans.subs_dist.
            * optimize set*con functions
            * pkg-config do not specifc ruby version
            * unmap file contexts on selabel_close()
            * do not leak file contexts with mmap'd backend
            * sefcontext_compile: do not leak fd on error
            * matchmediacon: do not leak fd
            * src/label_android_property: do not leak fd on error
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