ce3cc6 Update to upstream

Authored and Committed by dwalsh 7 years ago
    Update to upstream
    	* Fix dead links to www.nsa.gov/selinux
    	* Remove jump over variable declaration
    	* Fix old style function definitions
    	* Fix const-correctness
    	* Remove unused flush_class_cache method
    	* Add prototype decl for destructor
    	* Add more printf format annotations
    	* Add printf format attribute annotation to die() method
    	* Fix const-ness of parameters & make usage() methods static
    	* Enable many more gcc warnings for libselinux/src/ builds
    	* utils: Enable many more gcc warnings for libselinux/utils builds
    	* Change annotation on include/selinux/avc.h to avoid upsetting SWIG
    	* Ensure there is a prototype for 'matchpathcon_lib_destructor'
    	* Update Makefiles to handle /usrmove
    	* utils: Stop separating out matchpathcon as something special
    	* pkg-config to figure out where ruby include files are located
    	* build with either ruby 1.9 or ruby 1.8
    	* assert if avc_init() not called
    	* take security_deny_unknown into account
    	* security_compute_create_name(3)
    	* Do not link against python library, this is considered
    	* bad practice in debian
    	* Hide unnecessarily-exported library destructors
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