e34dcc2 auto-import changelog data from libselinux-1.17.6-1.src.rpm

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    auto-import changelog data from libselinux-1.17.6-1.src.rpm
    Tue Aug 31 2004 Dan Walsh <dwalsh@redhat.com> 1.17.6-1
    - Add strcasecmp in selinux_config
    - Update from NSA
    Changed avc_has_perm_noaudit to not fail on netlink errors.
    Changed avc netlink code to check pid based on patch by Steve Grubb.
    Merged second optimization patch from Ulrich Drepper.
    Changed matchpathcon to skip invalid file_contexts entries.
    Made string tables private to libselinux.
    Merged strcat->stpcpy patch from Ulrich Drepper.
    Merged matchpathcon man page from Dan Walsh.
    Merged patch to eliminate PLTs for local syms from Ulrich Drepper.
    Autobind netlink socket.
    Dropped compatibility code from security_compute_user.
    Merged fix for context_range_set from Chad Hanson.
    Merged allocation failure checking patch from Chad Hanson.
    Merged avc netlink error message patch from Colin Walters.
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