d2c802f Update to 1.4.0

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 9 years ago
    Update to 1.4.0
    - Update to 1.4.0
      - Added libssh2_session_supported_algs()
      - Added libssh2_session_banner_get()
      - Added libssh2_sftp_get_channel()
      - libssh2.h: bump the default window size to 256K
      - sftp-seek: clear EOF flag
      - userauth: provide more informations if ssh pub key extraction fails
      - ssh2_exec: skip error outputs for EAGAIN
      - LIBSSH2_SFTP_PACKET_MAXLEN: increase to 80000
      - knownhost_check(): don't dereference ext if NULL is passed
      - knownhost_add: avoid dereferencing uninitialized memory on error path
      - OpenSSL EVP: fix threaded use of structs
      - _libssh2_channel_read: react on errors from receive_window_adjust
      - sftp_read: cap the read ahead maximum amount
      - _libssh2_channel_read: fix non-blocking window adjusting
    - Add upstream patch fixing undefined function reference in libgcrypt backend
    - BR: /usr/bin/man for test suite
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