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@@ -45,16 +45,18 @@ roles:
     become: true
-#### purge local modifications using appropriate variable
+#### purge local modifications
-selinux_booleans_purge: true
-selinux_fcontexts_purge: true
-selinux_ports_purge: true
-selinux_logins_purge: true
+By default, the modifications specified in `selinux_booleans`, `selinux_fcontexts`,
+`selinux_ports` and `selinux_logins` are applied on top of pre-existing modifications.
+To purge local modifications prior to setting new ones, set following variables to true:
+- SELinux booleans: `selinux_booleans_purge`
+- SELinux file contexts: `selinux_fcontexts_purge`
+- SELinux ports: `selinux_ports_purge`
+- SELinux user mapping: `selinux_logins_purge`
-#### purge all local modifications using variable
+You can purge all modifications by using shorthand:
 selinux_all_purge: true
@@ -66,6 +68,11 @@ selinux_all_purge: true
 selinux_policy: targeted
 selinux_state: enforcing
+Allowed values for `selinux_state` are `disabled`, `enforcing` and `permissive`.
+If `selinux_state` is not set, the SELinux state is not changed.
+If `selinux_policy` is not set and SELinux is to be enabled, it defaults to `targeted`. 
+If SELinux is already enabled, the policy is not changed.
 #### set SELinux booleans
@@ -79,9 +86,11 @@ selinux_booleans:
-  - { target: '/tmp/test_dir(/.*)?', setype: 'user_home_dir_t', ftype: 'd' }
+  - { target: '/tmp/test_dir(/.*)?', setype: 'user_home_dir_t', ftype: 'd', state: 'present' }
+Individual modifications can be dropped by setting `state` to `absent`.
 #### Set SELinux ports