195074 - composer: Fix open file warnings (bcl@redhat.com)

Authored and Committed by bcl 2 months ago
    - composer: Fix open file warnings (bcl@redhat.com)
    - ltmpl: Fix deprecated escape in docstring (bcl@redhat.com)
    - tests: Fix open file warning in test_execWithRedirect (bcl@redhat.com)
    - Cleanup imgutil open files and processes (bcl@redhat.com)
    - tests: Remove test_del_execReadlines (bcl@redhat.com)
    - Fix unclosed files (bcl@redhat.com)
    - test: Use Python dev mode during testing (bcl@redhat.com)
    - tests: Update composer-cli blueprint server tests (bcl@redhat.com)
    - runtime-cleanup: Delete .pyc files (bcl@redhat.com)
    - New lorax documentation - 34.3 (bcl@redhat.com)
    - doc: Add Blueprint documentation and example to composer-cli.rst (bcl@redhat.com)
    - docs: Update docs for lorax-composer removal (bcl@redhat.com)
    - tests: Remove unused lorax-composer tests (bcl@redhat.com)
    - Remove lorax-composer, it has been replaced by osbuild-composer (bcl@redhat.com)
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