aa53f6d - New lorax documentation - 38.0 (bcl@redhat.com)

Authored and Committed by bcl 3 months ago
    - New lorax documentation - 38.0 (bcl@redhat.com)
    - tests: Update test_creator.py for new cmdline options (bcl@redhat.com)
    - livemedia-creator: Add release, variant, bugurl, and isfinal cmdline flags (cappy@cappuchino.xyz)
    - Drop 32-bit ARM and x86 support (awilliam@redhat.com)
    - Update anaconda's crash messages to watch (vslavik@redhat.com)
    - livemedia-creator: Add --product to cmdline args (bcl@redhat.com)
    - fedora-livemedia: Make sure GNOME Software service isn't started (bcl@redhat.com)
    - fonts packages syncup in template files (akira@tagoh.org)
    - tests: Add tzdata package to minimizer test setup (bcl@redhat.com)
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