#2 move ownership of /usr/share/lua/5.3 and /usr/lib64/lua/5.3 to lua-libs
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+5 -6
@@ -188,20 +188,19 @@ 

  %doc README doc/*.html doc/*.css doc/*.gif doc/*.png



- %if 0%{?bootstrap}

- %dir %{_libdir}/lua/%{bootstrap_major_version}

- %dir %{_datadir}/lua/%{bootstrap_major_version}

- %endif



+ %files libs

  %dir %{_libdir}/lua

  %dir %{_libdir}/lua/%{major_version}

+ %{_libdir}/liblua-%{major_version}.so

  %dir %{_datadir}/lua

  %dir %{_datadir}/lua/%{major_version}


- %files libs

- %{_libdir}/liblua-%{major_version}.so

  %if 0%{?bootstrap}

+ %dir %{_libdir}/lua/%{bootstrap_major_version}


+ %dir %{_datadir}/lua/%{bootstrap_major_version}



  %files devel

As far as I can tell there should not be any effect visible outside of
RPM database and fedora-review tool.

This change is needed to make lua-libs package + other Lua packages
compliant with packaging guidelines.

Formerly the lua-libs package put a library /usr/lib64/lua/5.3 directory
but did not own the directory itself. This is being flagged by
fedora-review as non-compliance.

This problem affected other Lua packages which put library into
/usr/lib64/lua/5.3 as well. These other libraries were always flagged
by fedora-review as non-compliant because the library package did not
Require a package which owns /usr/lib64/lua/5.3.
(The build system autogenerates depedency on lua-libs which did not own
the directory.)

Side note: It seems that compat-lua-libs package is not affected.

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4 years ago