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Create /dev/disk/by-part{uuid,label} and gpt-auto-root symlinks with udev. • 4 years ago
Add synchronization points with udev during conversion of raid LVs. Improve --size args validation and report more detailed error message. Initialize debugging mutex before any debug message in clvmd. Log error instead of warn when noticing connection problem with lvmetad. Fix memory leak in lvmetad when working with duplicates. Remove restrictions on reshaping open and clustered raid devices. Add incompatible data_offset to raid metadata to fix reshape activation. Accept 'lvm -h' and 'lvm --help' as well as 'lvm help' for help. Suppress error message from accept() on clean lvmetad shutdown. Tidy clvmd client list processing and fix segfaults. Protect clvmd debug log messages with mutex and add client id. Fix shellcheck reported issues for script files.