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Name:           maildir-utils
Version:        1.3.3
Release:        1%{?dist}
Summary:        A command-line mail organization utility

License:        GPLv3+

BuildRequires:  gcc
BuildRequires:  gcc-c++

# Needed for patching stuff
BuildRequires:  libtool
BuildRequires:  automake
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(glib-2.0)
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gobject-2.0)
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gio-2.0)
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gmime-3.0)
BuildRequires:  xapian-core
BuildRequires:  xapian-core-devel
BuildRequires:  xapian-core-libs
BuildRequires:  texinfo
BuildRequires:  libuuid-devel
# Current version of mu4e supports emacs versions >= 24.4
BuildRequires:  emacs >= 24.4
Requires:       emacs-filesystem >= 24.4
Requires:       xapian-core

Maildir-utils (mu) is a command-line utility for organizing and
searching email.

%package guile
Summary:        Guile bindings for mu (maildir-utils)
BuildRequires:  guile22-devel
Requires:       guile22
Requires:       %{name}%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}
%description guile
This package contains the Guile bindings for mu

%package guile-devel
Summary:        Mu-Guile development files
Requires:       %{name}-guile%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}
%description guile-devel
This package contains the Guile development files for mu

%autosetup -n mu-%{version}
# Patch the guile files to make sure that the module
# stuff is installed in the right place
# This is because the build process ignores any flags
# that could override the scmdir.
sed -i 's|^scmdir=${prefix}/share/guile/site/2.0/|scmdir=${prefix}/share/guile/site/2.2/|' guile/
sed -i 's|^scmdir=${prefix}/share/guile/site/2.0/|scmdir=${prefix}/share/guile/site/2.2/|' guile/mu/
sed -i 's|${prefix}/share/doc/mu|${prefix}/share/doc/%{name}|'

# Because of the patch above, we have to regenerate the build files.
# Disable the toy GTK GUI "mug".
%configure --disable-gtk --disable-static --enable-shared


# We must remove the "mu"-documentation directory
# since all of those documents are under
# maildir-utils
rm -r %{buildroot}/%{_docdir}/mu

# The mug manpage must be removed as we disable mug above.
# Sadly, passing --disable-gtk doesn't affect the manpages
# so the mug manpage still gets installed.
rm %{buildroot}/%{_mandir}/man1/mug.1

# Remove the dir that gets installed alongside the info-pages
# as it would conflict with other packages.
rm %{buildroot}/%{_infodir}/dir

# Remove libtool .la files
rm %{buildroot}/%{_libdir}/

%license COPYING
%doc mu4e/

%files guile

%files guile-devel

* Sun Sep 08 2019 Maximiliano Sandoval <> - 1.3.3-1
- Update to 1.3.3, removed patch merged upstream

* Thu Jul 25 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.3.1-3
- Rebuilt for

* Sat Jul 06 2019 Omair Majid <> - 1.3.1-2
- Fix mu4e-news by fixing mu4e's documentation root path

* Wed Jun 19 2019 Jani Juhani Sinervo <> - 1.3.1-1
- Initial spec