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Name:           mctc-lib
Version:        0.3.0
Release:        5%{?dist}
Summary:        Modular computation tool chain library
License:        ASL 2.0

BuildRequires:  python3-devel
BuildRequires:  gcc-gfortran
BuildRequires:  meson
BuildRequires:  ninja-build
BuildRequires:  json-fortran-devel
# For docs
BuildRequires:  rubygem-asciidoctor

# Patch to use python3 instead of env python
Patch0:         mctc-lib-0.3.0-python3.patch

Common tool chain for working with molecular structure data in various
applications. This library provides a unified way to perform
operations on molecular structure data, like reading and writing to
common geometry file formats.

%package        devel
Summary:        Development files for %{name}
Requires:       %{name}%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}

%description    devel
The %{name}-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use %{name}.

%setup -q
%patch0 -p1 -b .python3

export FFLAGS="%{optflags} -I%{_fmoddir} -fPIC"
export FCLAGS="%{optflags} -I%{_fmoddir} -fPIC"

# Remove static libraries
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*.a

# Move module files
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_fmoddir}
mv %{buildroot}%{_includedir}/mctc-lib/*/*.mod %{buildroot}%{_fmoddir}
rm -rf %{buildroot}%{_includedir}/mctc-lib/

%license LICENSE

%files devel

* Thu Jan 19 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3.0-5
- Rebuilt for

* Thu Jul 21 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3.0-4
- Rebuilt for

* Wed Jun 15 2022 Susi Lehtola <> - 0.3.0-3
- Use %%{_fmoddir} in spec.

* Thu Jun 09 2022 Susi Lehtola <> - 0.3.0-2
- Fix build in mock.

* Tue May 24 2022 Susi Lehtola <> - 0.3.0-1
- Initial release.