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== How to start ==

To run the game use the command 'minetest' or choose Minetest from
applications menu.

To start simple single-user game leave the Server field blank. The
local Minetest server will be created automatically on the specified
port. Local server configuration and data will be saved in ~/.minetest

To connect to the existing Minetest server specify the server name (or
IP) and port number. Server name might be 'localhost' as well.

Check the Wiki for gameplay details:

Available public servers:

== Minetest server ==

To run the system-wide Minetest server use the command
# systemctl start minetest.service

To make Minetest server run on boot use
# systemctl enable minetest.service 

Minetest server uses configuration file /etc/minetest.conf. It listens
to the port 30000 and stores the data in /var/lib/minetest. This can
be changed by editing the systemd unit.

Minetest-server also provides the rsyslog configuration file. You need
to restart the rsyslog daemon after minetest installation for this
file to take effect. After rsyslog restart minetest logs will be put
in /var/log/minetest.log

Check the project Wiki for server commands and privilege system