0c1e1f Added support for both win32 and win64 targets

19 files Authored by epienbro 8 years ago , Committed by kalev 8 years ago ,
    Added support for both win32 and win64 targets
    - Fixed rpmlint issues
    - Fixed permissions of the scripts (775 -> 755)
    - Fixed description of the various subpackages
    - Make the various macros compliant with the new packaging guidelines:
    - Suppress arch-independent-package-contains-binary-or-object rpmlint
      errors for static libraries
    - Improved the mingw_configure, mingw_make, mingw_make_install,
      mingw_cmake and mingw_cmake_kde4 RPM macros so packagers don't need
      to use quotes anymore when using arguments. Thanks to Kalev Lember
      for the initial proof of concept
    - Dropped the -mms-bitfields argument from the default CFLAGS as
      it is enabled by default as of gcc 4.7
    - Replaced the CMake defines QT_HEADERS_DIR and QT_LIBRARY_DIR
      with QT_BINARY_DIR which is a more proper method to make CMake
      aware of the location of Qt. Thx to Dominik Schmidt for the hint
    - Make sure CMake can detect the qmake-qt4 binary in /usr/$target/bin
    - Make sure CMake can also detect the (native) Qt tools
      qdbuscpp2xml and qdbusxml2cpp
    - Added new RPM macros mingw_cmake_kde4, mingw32_cmake_kde4 and
    - Added three new environment variables which can be set to
      influence the behaviour of the cmake macros:
    - Dropped the mingw32-qmake-qt4 and mingw64-qmake-qt4 wrapper scripts
      as they're now provided by the mingw{32,64}-qt-qmake packages
    - Added a new RPM macro: %%{?mingw_package_header}
      Packagers can use this macro instead of the original boilerplate
      code which is needed for all mingw packages
    - Made argument passing using the backwards compatibility macro
      %%{_mingw32_cmake} work
    - Fixed an issue in the mingw_cmake macro where it could point to
      a non-existant CMakeLists.txt file
    - Fixed a bug in the find-requires script which causes all packages to
      on both the mingw32 and the mingw64 toolchains
    - Split out the RPM macros which require both the
      packages in a new file and put it in the mingw-filesystem-base package
    - Generate seperate debuginfo packages for mingw32 and mingw64
    - Set the minimum version of R: mingw{32,64}-filesystem to 70
    - Use the correct FSF-address in some scripts
    - Thanks to all the contributors: Erik van Pienbroek, Kalev Lember,
      Farkas, Marc-Andre Lureau.
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