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%define _bindir   /bin

Summary:          MirBSD enhanced version of the Korn Shell
Name:             mksh
Version:          29g
Release:          1%{?dist}
License:          BSD
Group:            System Environment/Shells
URL:    {name}/
Source: {name}/%{name}-R%{version}.cpio.gz
Requires(post):   grep
Requires(postun): coreutils, grep
BuildRoot:        %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)

mksh is the MirBSD enhanced version of the Public Domain Korn shell (pdksh),
a bourne-compatible shell which is largely similar to the original AT&T Korn
shell. It includes bug fixes and feature improvements in order to produce a
modern, robust shell good for interactive and especially script use, being a
bourne shell replacement, pdksh successor and an alternative to the C shell.

%setup -q -T -c

# RPM 4.4.2 has no support for *.cpio.gz
gzip -dc %{SOURCE0} | cpio -imd
mv %{name}/* . && rm -rf %{name}


install -D -m 755 %{name} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_bindir}/%{name}
install -D -m 644 %{name}.1 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_mandir}/man1/%{name}.1

sh -v

if [ ! -f %{_sysconfdir}/shells ]; then
  echo "%{_bindir}/%{name}" >> %{_sysconfdir}/shells
  grep -q "^%{_bindir}/%{name}$" %{_sysconfdir}/shells || \
  echo "%{_bindir}/%{name}" >> %{_sysconfdir}/shells

if [ ! -x %{_bindir}/%{name} ]; then
  grep -v "^%{_bindir}/%{name}$" %{_sysconfdir}/shells > %{_sysconfdir}/shells.rpm
  cat %{_sysconfdir}/shells.rpm > %{_sysconfdir}/shells && rm -f %{_sysconfdir}/shells.rpm


%doc copyright dot.mkshrc

* Sat Jul 14 2007 Robert Scheck <> 29g-1
- Upgrade to 29g

* Sun Jun 03 2007 Robert Scheck <> 29f-1
- Upgrade to 29f
- Initial spec file for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux