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/bin/mockchain wrapper around 'mock --chain' ( • 2 years ago
mock: options for retrying packager managers' actions ( remove mockchain [RHBZ#1757388] chain: don't skip local repository ( chain: propagate local repository to bootstrap chroot ( hw_info: don't create root-owned files ( ignore ./var/log when creating root_cache - fixes #309 ( mock: don't create root files if possible ( add commandline options for using bootstrap image ( Use podman to pull and export an image as a bootstrap chroot (
(HEAD -> devel, origin/devel) disable tmpfs plugin for init-clean test • 5 years ago
- pass cwd option to systemd-nspawn [RHBZ#1264508] - pass unpriv id to doshell() [RHBZ#1298220] - enable package_state plugin by default and create installed_pkgs file [RHBZ#1277187] - installed_pkgs can be created even in offline mode - Use context manager for drop/restore calls of uid manager [RHBZ#1362478] - require /etc/os-release during post section [RHBZ#1358397] - use mageia gpg keys from distribution-gpg-keys package - use fedora gpg keys from distribution-gpg-keys package - use epel gpg keys from distribution-gpg-keys package - add F25 configs - 'include' statement has been added [RHBZ#1272381] - Handle file open/close more with "with", close more eagerly - Use logging.warning instead of deprecated warn - add chroot_additional_packages to custom chroots - chroot_additional_packages: new option
- systemd-nspawn is now in systemd-container package - become root user correct way [RHBZ#1312820][RHBZ#1311796] - remove the sparc config - Let logging format messages on demand - tell nspawn which variables it should set [RHBZ#1311796] - do not call /bin/su and rather utilize --user of systemd-nspawn [RHBZ#1301953]
- systemd-nspawn is now in systemd-container package - become root user correct way [RHBZ#1312820][RHBZ#1311796] - remove the sparc config - Let logging format messages on demand - tell nspawn which variables it should set [RHBZ#1311796] - do not call /bin/su and rather utilize --user of systemd-nspawn [RHBZ#1301953]
- F21 configs removed - F24 configs added - typo fixed [RHBZ#1285630] - read user config from ~/.config/mock.cfg too - disable "local" dnf plugin [RHBZ#1264215] - when removing buildroot, do that as root [RHBZ#1294979]
after unpacking chroot, change back to $CWD [RHBZ#1281369] • 6 years ago
- Fix package manager version handling for CentOS - use --setopt=deltarpm=false as default value for dnf_common_opts [RHBZ#1281355] - add arguments, do not over ride previous ones - Add %(resultdir) placeholder for sign plugin. [RHBZ#1272123] - decode shell output when running under Python3 [RHBZ#1267161] - create tmpfs with unlimited inodes [RHBZ#1266453] - typo [RHBZ#1241827] - do not use machinectl --no-legend as it is not el7 compatible [RHBZ#1241827] - directly tell yum which yum.conf he should use [RHBZ#1264462]
Use 'machinectl terminate' inside orphanskill() when systemd-nspawn used [RHBZ#1171737] • 6 years ago
- use quite systemd-nspawn in quite mode [RHBZ#1262889] - when calling systemd-nspawn become root first [RHBZ#1241827] - revert F23 configs back to yum - Give user hint what to do if he miss scm plugin. - when cleaning up /dev/ do not fail on mountpoins - warn (but not fail) on RHELs when you try to use DNF - migrate package_state to use dnf when package_manager is set to dnf - redownload metadata if they changed on server [RHBZ#1230508] - provide --scrub=dnf-cache as alias for yum-cache [RHBZ#1241296] - copy files to correct location [RHBZ#1252088] - do not install weak deps in chroot [RHBZ#1254634] - Try to set PTY window size [RHBZ#1155199] - Set default LVM pool name [RHBZ#1163008] - better parsing of content-disposition header [RHBZ#1248344] - backend: Ensure output files are owned by unpriv user with nspawn - Add "rpmbuild_networking" key (False by default) for nspawn backend - fdfd464 Update Fedora Wiki URLs - use yum-deprecated as the yum_command if it exists
do not require pyliblzma if using python3 [RHBZ#1227209] • 6 years ago
- add warning to site-defaults.cfg that assumeyes=1 is important [RHBZ#1225004] - sync comments in site-defaults.cfg with code [RHBZ#1224961] - check for dangling link of /etc/mtab [RHBZ#1224732] - Fix --install filename completion
scm: do not keep copy of environ, this is now handled by uidmanager [RHBZ#1204395] • 6 years ago
- Add pm_request plugin - Drop lvm2-python-libs requires and enable lvm subpackage on el6 - Use lvs instead of lvm python bindings - Unshare IPC ns only for chroot processes - Add missing flush in logOutput - Avoid infinite recursion in selinux plugin
- allow the chroot's location to be configurable [RHBZ#452730] - send output of --chroot to log [RHBZ#1214178] - chroot_scan: implement "only_failed" option [RHBZ#1190763] - add comment why this previous commit was done [RHBZ#1192128] - use rpm macros instead of cmd option for --nocheck [RHBZ#1192128] - plugin options can be string if specified on command line [RHBZ#1193487] - root_cache: do not assume volatile root with tmpfs [RHBZ#1193487] - use CONFIG instead of CHROOT in help/man for --root option [RHBZ#1197131] - more clarification on --dnf-cmd/--yum-cmd [RHBZ#1211621] - scm correct the logic of exclude_vcs [RHBZ#1204240] - ignore missing files in ccache [RHBZ#1210569] - install buildsys-macros in el5 chroot [RHBZ#1213482] - remove forgotten print statement [RHBZ#1202845] - add a plugin that calls command (from the host) on the produced rpms. - save/restore os.environ when dropping/restoring Privs [RHBZ#1204395] - mock-scm pull tarball name from specfile instead of hardcoding [RHBZ#1204935] - clarify "--yum-cmd" / "--dnf-cmd" options [RHBZ#1211621] - return the SRPM name from do_buildsrpm (required for SCM builds) [1190450] - binding DNF cache directory with yum_cache [RHBZ#1176560] - suggest user to install dnf-plugins-core [RHBZ#1196248] - ignore btrfs errors on non-btrfs systems [RHBZ#1205564] - on F21- use hard deps instead of soft [RHBZ#1198769] - delete btrfs subvolumes on exit [RHBZ#1205564] - on python3 convert err from bytes to str [RHBZ#1211199] - on F22+ use yum-deprecated instead of yum [RHBZ#1211978] - if mountpoint is inside chroot, remove chroot part [RHBZ#1208299] - chmod directory only if we really created it [RHBZ#1209532] - port epel-5 configs to Python 3 [RHBZ#1204662] - use nosync only for package management and chroot init [RHBZ#1184964] - missing config file should not be fatal [RHBZ#1195749] - pass variable "name" [RHBZ#1194171] - correct chroot_scan configuration sample in site-defaults - install missing chroot_scan plugin - avoid creating resultdir as root
- rawhide configs use DNF - touch should not truncate file [RHBZ#1188770]
each user have its own ccache cache [RHBZ#1168116] • 6 years ago
- man: write example for --chroot option - sort options in man page - sort command in man page - add Fedora 22 GPG keys - improve --resultdir part of man page [RHBZ#1181554] - allow the subsitution of resultdir into the yum.conf block [RHBZ#1125376] - do no print duplicities in bash completion - Fixed systemd-nspawn machine name collision [RHBZ#1174286] - do shell expansion on --new-chroot --chroot [RHBZ#1174317] - log executing command after nspawn expansion - make sure that mockchain generate unique repoid for all repos [RHBZ#1179806] - workaround old python-six in EL7 - Remove checking for chroot existence in --chroot - Exclude .bash_history and .bashrc from builddir cleanup - Ignore broken symlinks in chown_home_dir - create SCM files as non-privileg user [RHBZ#1178576] - With --no-clean, delete /builddir except build/SOURCES [RHBZ#1173126] - Man page formatting improvements - Move the pool size check to later time when pool already exists - Always use returnOutput in lvm plugin to get possible error output - put correct version in man page - Fix unicode characters in logs on Python 2 [RHBZ#1171707] - Added new option 'postinstall' [RHBZ#1168911] - Use keepcache=1 in yum.conf [RHBZ#1169126] - Warn user when LVM thin pool is filled up [RHBZ#1167761] - add missing max_metadata_age_days do site-defaults.cfg - add age_check to site-default.cfg - compress also logs created by package_state plugin
fixed incorrect command construction in PackageManager:build_invocation [RHBZ#1170230] • 7 years ago
- completion: correctly expand --install [RHBZ#1168220] - copyin: when source is directory, then handle corner cases [RHBZ#1169051] - increase default for tmpfs to 768 - check if key exist [RHBZ#476837] - Added tmpfs new option 'keep_mounted' [RHBZ#476837] - add 2 common tmpfs dirs to find_non_nfs_dir() - Added new option --symlink-dereference used with --buildsrpm [BZ# 1165242] - accept None as macro value in config [RHBZ#1165778] - Don't do yum update when --no-clean specified [RHBZ#1165716] - do not delete /buildir when --no-clean was set [RHBZ#483486] - bash completation for --copyin and --sources - bash_completion.d/mock: fix syntax error - Correct check for --source cmd option, single file can be used [RHBZ#1165213] - update BUGS part of man page - add missing options to man page
- end yum's installroot path with a slash [RHBZ#1160428] - add --mount option [RHBZ#1162637] - add some missing bash completation strings - run --shell as root with --new-chroot - Don't fail scrub when there's no pool [RHBZ#1162631] - Globbing and tilde expansion - move restoring priviledges to finally [RHBZ#1162720] - Remove "Buildroot must be already initialized" note - Add missing --print-root-path to manpage - Do not print ANSI escape characters into log [RHBZ#1163037] - in site-defaults.cfg initialize dictionary of plugins [RHBZ#1162595] - Disable empty names and values in config_opts[macros] [RHBZ#1160765] - Disable single macros in -D cmd option [RHBZ#1160765] - rpmbuild is in /usr/bin [RHBZ#1161112] - man page for --macro-file [RHBZ#1160326] - Added option [--macro-file] to support external rpm macros file [RHBZ#1160326] - Don't output installation/build output when redirected - Better log message for intial buildroot installation - Be more specific when installing configs - Install into correct sitelib when using Python 3 - Fix nosync on aarch64 - wrap all remaining getcwd() [RHBZ#1159300] - do not use rpm in %post scriptlet [RHBZ#1131279] - Fix unclear legal host output [RHBZ#1159794] - allow running from directory, which is deleted [RHBZ#1159300] - create compress_logs plugin [RHBZ#1100923] - when default.cfg exists create default.cfg.rpmnew [RHBZ#1085308] - accept paths to target definition files [RHBZ#1126117] - set title bar in xterm [RHBZ#1126235] - pass --enablerepo/--disablerepo to yum in the same order as provided to mock [RHBZ#1154604] - Fix incorrect printing of binary strings on py3 - Add missing Requires rpm-python3 - Don't print Yum and build output when quiet - Prevent output being printed twice with --verbose (rhbz#1152971) - Fix printing non-ascii characters with output redirected (rhbz#1152952) - replace urlgrabber by python-requests - use python3 for Fedora22+ - Don't print we're doing rpmbuild -bb, when it may not be true - 'prep' choice missing in short-circuit option parser - Don't execute prebuild in short-circuit mode
update configs for secondary architecture (Dan HorĂ¡k) • 7 years ago
- caching of buildroots using LVM (Michael Simacek) - add support for DNF (Michael Simacek) - initial porting to python3 (Michael Simacek) - new config option nosync (Michael Simacek) - add CentOS extra repository [BZ# 1108402] - correctly create default.cfg on arm [BZ# 1033786] - postpone loading of rpm after chroot is set [BZ# 1111147] - use systemd-nspawn instead of chroot [RHBZ# 1132762] - in --copyout do not fail on symlinks [BZ# 971474] - allow to short circuit to prep phase [BZ# 966985]