33bc86 Updates comments about Selinux in mod_cluster.conf

Authored and Committed by karm 6 months ago
    Updates comments about Selinux in mod_cluster.conf
    Removes Java libs for Tomcat 8 and Wildfly 10, to be reintroduced for Tomcat 9 in a separate package
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-690
    Back port upstream warning fixes
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-543
    Fix forMODCLUSTER-684
    Fix 503 found while investigating MODCLUSTER-684
    Fix for JBCS-634 decrease loops per vhosts for balancer changes
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-622 segfault in process_info
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-582 and clean some C++ comments
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-590 - workers array for Deterministic failover is now allocated dynamically
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-526 We don't use helper->shared if it's already NULL
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-550 Failover targets should be chosen deterministically
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-547
    Fix CVE-2016-8612 JBCS-193
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-522
    Fix for MODCLUSTER-534 update to MODCLUSTER-435 normalizing balancer name
    Security enhancements for protocol parser
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