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%global packagename mime-db
%global enable_tests 1

Name:		nodejs-mime-db
Version:	1.20.0
Release:	1%{?dist}
Summary:	This is a database of all mime types

License:	MIT

ExclusiveArch:	%{nodejs_arches} noarch
BuildArch:	noarch

BuildRequires:	nodejs-packaging
%if 0%{?enable_tests}
BuildRequires:	mocha

Requires:	nodejs

This is a database of all mime types. It consists of a single, public JSON
file and does not include any logic, allowing it to remain as un-opinionated
as possible with an API. It aggregates data from the following sources:


%setup -q -n %{packagename}-%{version}

# nothing to do!

mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{nodejs_sitelib}/%{packagename}
cp -pr package.json *.js db.json src/ scripts/ \


%if 0%{?enable_tests}
%nodejs_symlink_deps --check
/usr/bin/mocha -R spec

%{!?_licensedir:%global license %doc}
%license LICENSE

* Fri Nov 13 2015 Jared Smith <> - 1.20.0-1
- Update to upstream 1.20.0 release

* Thu Oct 22 2015 Jared Smith <> - 1.19.0-2
- Fix %license macro for EPEL6

* Wed Oct  7 2015 Jared Smith <> - 1.19.0-1
- Initial packaging