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# Octave packaging macros

# Octave binary API provided
%octave_api %(octave-config -p API_VERSION || echo 0)

# Octave Package Directories
%octshareprefix %{_datadir}/octave
%octprefix %{octshareprefix}/packages
%octarchprefix %{_libdir}/octave/packages
%octpkgdir %{octprefix}/%{octpkg}-%{version}
%octpkglibdir %{octarchprefix}/%{octpkg}-%{version}

# Run an octave command - quietly with no startup files
%octave_cmd() octave -H -q --no-window-system --no-site-file --eval '%*';

# For compiled tarfile name
%octave_host %(octave-config -p CANONICAL_HOST_TYPE || echo 0)

# Build unpacked source directory into a package tar file in a temporary location
# Pass -T to use source tarball
%octave_pkg_build(T) %{lua: 
  if (rpm.expand("%{-T}") == "-T") then
    octpkg_tarfile = rpm.expand("%{SOURCE0}")
    octpkg_tarfile = rpm .expand("%{_tmppath}/%{octpkg}-%{version}.tar.gz")
    print("tar czf "..octpkg_tarfile.." -C "..rpm.expand("%{_builddir} %{buildsubdir}").."\\n")
  -- Avoid a warning from pkg build about making the build directory
  -- and use a clean directory as octave pkg build will delete contents
  print(rpm.expand("mkdir -p %{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build\\n"))
  -- This fails to keep the arguments to %octave_cmd for some reason
  -- print(rpm.expand("%octave_cmd pkg build -verbose -nodeps %{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir} "..octpkg_tarfile).."\\n")
  print(rpm.expand("octave -H -q --no-window-system --no-site-file --eval 'pkg build -verbose -nodeps %{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build "..octpkg_tarfile).."'\\n")
  -- Extract the source tarball for debuginfo generation
  print(rpm.expand("tar xf "..octpkg_tarfile.." -C %{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build\\n"))
  -- Define %octave_tar_suffix for later use by install/check macros
  if (rpm.expand("%{?buildarch}") ~= "noarch") then
    rpm.define("octave_tar_suffix %{octave_host}-%{octave_api}")
    rpm.define("octave_tar_suffix any-none")

# Install a package.  We use the octave pkg install command to install the
# built package into the buildroot.  We also put a note to prevent the root
# user from removing the package with the octave pkg uninstall command
# We call unlink to remove the 'octave_packages' file which contains the
# buildroot string and needs to be generated at package install time.
%octave_pkg_install \
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{octprefix} \
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{octarchprefix} \
%octave_cmd pkg("prefix","%{buildroot}%{octprefix}","%{buildroot}%{octarchprefix}");pkg("global_list",fullfile("%{buildroot}%{octshareprefix}","octave_packages"));pkg("local_list",fullfile("%{buildroot}%{octshareprefix}","octave_packages"));pkg("install","-nodeps","-verbose","%{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build/%{octpkg}-%{version}-%{octave_tar_suffix}.tar.gz");unlink(pkg("local_list"));unlink(pkg("global_list")); \
if [ -e %{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m ] \
then \
  mv %{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m %{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m.orig \
fi \
echo "function on_uninstall (desc)" > %{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m \
echo "  error ('Can not uninstall %s installed by the redhat package manager',;" >> %{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m \
echo "endfunction" >> %{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m \
if [ -e %{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build/%{octpkg}-%{version}/*.metainfo.xml ] \
then \
  echo "Found .metainfo.xml appdata file" \
  mkdir -p %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/appdata \
  cp -p %{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build/%{octpkg}-%{version}/*.metainfo.xml %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/appdata/ \
  appstream-util validate-relax --nonet %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/appdata/*.metainfo.xml \
else \
  echo "Did not find a .metainfo.xml appdata file" \
fi \

# Run pkg tests - We need to reinstall to recreate 'octave_packages' so that
# octave can find the package, then remove 'octave_packages' again, and re-strip
# any shared objects.
%octave_pkg_check \
%octave_cmd pkg("prefix","%{buildroot}%{octprefix}","%{buildroot}%{octarchprefix}");pkg("local_list",fullfile("%{buildroot}%{octshareprefix}","octave_packages"));pkg("list");pkg("install","-verbose","%{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/build/%{octpkg}-%{version}-%{octave_tar_suffix}.tar.gz");pkg("load","%{octpkg}");pkg("list");runtests("%{buildroot}%{octpkgdir}");unlink(pkg("local_list")); \
/usr/lib/rpm/brp-strip-shared %{__strip} \

# preun script - we need to remove our uninstall protection and perhaps
# run the package's own uninstall script.
%octave_pkg_preun \
if [ -e %{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m.orig ]; then \
  mv %{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m.orig %{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m \
  cd %{octpkgdir}/packinfo \
  %octave_cmd l=pkg("list");on_uninstall(l{cellfun(@(x)strcmp(,"%{octpkg}"),l)}); \
else \
  echo > %{octpkgdir}/packinfo/on_uninstall.m \
fi \