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%global svnrel 1063
%global tarver 1.0

# Disable unhelpful RPM test.
%global _binaries_in_noarch_packages_terminate_build 0

Name:           openbios
Version:        %{tarver}.svn%{svnrel}
Release:        1%{?dist}
Summary:        OpenBIOS implementation of IEEE 1275-1994

License:        GPLv2
BuildArch:      noarch

# There are no upstream tarballs.  This tarball is prepared as follows:
# svn export -r %{svnrel} \
#     svn:// \
#     %{name}-%{tarver}
# tar czf %{name}-%{tarver}-svn%{svnrel}.tar.gz %{name}-%{tarver}
# rm -r %{name}-%{tarver}
Source0:        %{name}-%{tarver}-svn%{svnrel}.tar.gz

# Use 64bit gcc for 32bit ppc + sparc
# keep: Not suitable for upstream, change is specific to Fedora cross-gcc
Patch0:         0001-Use-64bit-gcc-for-32bit-ppc-sparc.patch

# Note that these packages build 32 bit binaries with the -m32 flag.
BuildRequires:  gcc-powerpc64-linux-gnu
BuildRequires:  gcc-sparc64-linux-gnu

BuildRequires:  libxslt

Obsoletes:      openbios-common
Obsoletes:      openbios-ppc
Obsoletes:      openbios-sparc32
Obsoletes:      openbios-sparc64

The OpenBIOS project provides you with most free and open source Open
Firmware implementations available. Here you find several
implementations of IEEE 1275-1994 (Referred to as Open Firmware)
compliant firmware. Among its features, Open Firmware provides an
instruction set independent device interface. This can be used to boot
the operating system from expansion cards without native
initialization code.

It is Open Firmware's goal to work on all common platforms, like x86,
AMD64, PowerPC, ARM and Mips. With its flexible and modular design,
Open Firmware targets servers, workstations and embedded systems,
where a sane and unified firmware is a crucial design goal and reduces
porting efforts noticably.

Open Firmware is found on many servers and workstations and there are
sever commercial implementations from SUN, Firmworks, CodeGen, Apple,
IBM and others.

In most cases, the Open Firmware implementations provided on this site
rely on an additional low-level firmware for hardware initialization,
such as coreboot or U-Boot.

%setup -q -n %{name}-%{tarver}
%patch0 -p1

/bin/sh config/scripts/switch-arch ppc
/bin/sh config/scripts/switch-arch sparc32
/bin/sh config/scripts/switch-arch sparc64
make build-verbose V=1 %{?_smp_mflags}

mkdir -p $qemudir
cp -a obj-ppc/openbios-qemu.elf $qemudir/openbios-ppc
cp -a obj-sparc32/openbios-builtin.elf $qemudir/openbios-sparc32
cp -a obj-sparc64/openbios-builtin.elf $qemudir/openbios-sparc64

%dir %{_datadir}/qemu

* Tue Oct 16 2012 Paolo Bonzini <> - 1.0.svn1063-1
- Move date from release to version.

* Mon Sep 17 2012 Cole Robinson <> - 1.0-6.svn1063
- Update to r1063, version qemu 1.2 shipped with

* Tue Jul 31 2012 Richard W.M. Jones <> - 1.0-5.svn1061
- Initial release in Fedora.