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diff -up openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/ec.pod.manfix openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/ec.pod
--- openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/ec.pod.manfix	2017-11-02 15:29:04.000000000 +0100
+++ openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/ec.pod	2017-11-03 16:09:31.714027145 +0100
@@ -101,10 +101,6 @@ prints out the public, private key compo
 this option prevents output of the encoded version of the key.
-=item B<-modulus>
-this option prints out the value of the public key component of the key.
 =item B<-pubin>
 by default a private key is read from the input file: with this option a
diff -up openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/openssl.pod.manfix openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/openssl.pod
--- openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/openssl.pod.manfix	2017-11-02 15:29:04.000000000 +0100
+++ openssl-1.1.0g/doc/apps/openssl.pod	2017-11-03 16:11:48.478245311 +0100
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ Create or examine a Netscape certificate
 Online Certificate Status Protocol utility.
-=item L<B<passwd>|passwd(1)>
+=item L<B<passwd>|sslpasswd(1)>
 Generation of hashed passwords.
@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ Public key algorithm parameter managemen
 Public key algorithm cryptographic operation utility.
-=item L<B<rand>|rand(1)>
+=item L<B<rand>|sslrand(1)>
 Generate pseudo-random bytes.
@@ -432,13 +432,13 @@ L<dhparam(1)>, L<dsa(1)>, L<dsaparam(1)>
 L<ec(1)>, L<ecparam(1)>,
 L<enc(1)>, L<engine(1)>, L<errstr(1)>, L<gendsa(1)>, L<genpkey(1)>,
 L<genrsa(1)>, L<nseq(1)>, L<ocsp(1)>,
 L<pkcs12(1)>, L<pkcs7(1)>, L<pkcs8(1)>,
 L<pkey(1)>, L<pkeyparam(1)>, L<pkeyutl(1)>,
-L<rand(1)>, L<rehash(1)>, L<req(1)>, L<rsa(1)>,
+L<rehash(1)>, L<req(1)>, L<rsa(1)>,
 L<rsautl(1)>, L<s_client(1)>,
 L<s_server(1)>, L<s_time(1)>, L<sess_id(1)>,
 L<smime(1)>, L<speed(1)>, L<spkac(1)>,
+L<sslpasswd(1)>, L<sslrand(1)>,
 L<verify(1)>, L<version(1)>, L<x509(1)>,
 L<crypto(7)>, L<ssl(7)>, L<x509v3_config(5)>