8283c7 Cleaning up

Authored and Committed by dsommers 3 years ago
1 file changed. 54 lines added. 58 lines removed.
    Cleaning up
    - Fixed several issues with installed files
    - Fixed ./configure arguments - several of them where outdated or
      used wrong
    - Fixed doc packaging, primarily using %{_pkgdocdir}
    - Install management-notes.txt, which contains useful information
      about the OpenVPN management interface commands
    - Use 'make install' instead of doing it manually
    (based on a backport of commit f3d0d5131fc25dff2081f7259b34372d6be33f45)
    - Splitting out -devel files into a separate package
    - Removed several contrib and sample files which makes is not
      strictly needed in this package.
    - build: Long running tests can be disabled with "--without tests_long"
    - build: Removed defined %%{plugins} macro not in use
    (backport based on commit ba1a3a70779d6521d856bb33fc2ce5945cd3e144)
file modified
+54 -58