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+ # Tests for OVS using NM's OVS tests

+ - hosts: localhost

+   roles:

+   - role: standard-test-basic

+     tags:

+     - classic

+     repositories:

+     - repo: "https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager-ci"

+       dest: "NetworkManager-ci"

+     tests:

+     - sanity-tests:

+         dir: NetworkManager-ci

+         run: run/osci/run-tests openvswitch


Add very basic tests together with NM integration
* start service
* init db
* add basic single ethernet two port setup
* add bond setup
* add vlan setup

Executing these tests:
* nmcli_add_basic_openvswitch_configuration
* nmcli_add_openvswitch_bond_configuration
* nmcli_add_openvswitch_vlan_configuration
* NM_reboot_openvswitch_vlan_configuration


Test definition file for Fedora CI actually made Fedora CI tests failed as the package is broken.. but we can see results here:
https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/blue/organizations/jenkins/fedora-rawhide-pr-pipeline/detail/fedora-rawhide-pr-pipeline/1983/artifacts under package-tests

aha, and when OVS 2.12 landed into the latest compose the systemd issue is fixed

and we can see Fedora CI tests passing again

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