2287b8b Resolves: rhbz#2166266

Authored and Committed by mpospisi 3 months ago
    Resolves: rhbz#2166266
    - Rebased to the latest upstream sources (see CHANGELOG.md)
    - Fixed broken filtering in create resource/fence device wizards in the web interface
    - Converted package to noarch
    - Added creation of .tarball-version file needed by autotools when building from untagged commits and fixed Source0 link to the tarball on GitHub
    - Modified build options of pcs for booth authfile fix for all Fedora versions
    - Added BuildRequires: pam for tier0 tests during build
    - Added BuildRequires: nodejs-npm for NodeJS packaging change since Fedora 38
    - Removed bundled rubygem thin and its associated BuildRequires: rubygems, rubygem-bundler, rubygem-daemons, gcc, gcc-c++
    - Added dependency rubygem-puma - replacement for rubygem thin
    - Added dependency nss-tools - for working with qdevice certificates
    - Added dependency fedora-logos - for the web interface favicon
    - Removed dependencies: rubygem-daemons, rubygem(webrick)
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