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Name:		perl-File-FcntlLock
Version:	0.12
Release:	1%{?dist}
Summary:	Perl module for file locking with fcntl
Group:		Development/Libraries
License:	GPL+ or Artistic
BuildRequires:	perl(POSIX), perl(Errno), perl(Carp), perl(Exporter), perl(DynaLoader)
BuildRequires:	perl(ExtUtils::MakeMaker), perl(Config)
Requires:	perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_%(eval "`%{__perl} -V:version`"; echo $version))

FcntlLock is a module to do file locking in an object oriented
fashion using the fcntl(2) system call. This allows locks on parts
of a file as well as on the whole file and overcomes some known
problems with flock(2), on which Perl's flock() function is based.

%setup -q -n File-FcntlLock-%{version}

CFLAGS="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS" %{__perl} Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=vendor
make %{?_smp_mflags}

make pure_install PERL_INSTALL_ROOT=%{buildroot}
find %{buildroot} -type f -name .packlist -exec rm -f {} ';'
find %{buildroot} -type f -name '*.bs' -a -size 0 -exec rm -f {} ';'
find %{buildroot} -depth -type d -exec rmdir {} 2>/dev/null ';'
chmod -R u+w %{buildroot}/*

make test

%doc Changes README

* Tue Jul 13 2010 Tom "spot" Callaway <> - 0.12-1
- initial package