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Name:		perl-IO-FDPass
Version:	1.1
Release:	3%{?dist}
Summary:	Pass a file descriptor over a socket
License:	GPL+ or Artistic
# Module Build
BuildRequires:	coreutils
BuildRequires:	findutils
BuildRequires:	gcc
BuildRequires:	make
BuildRequires:	perl
BuildRequires:	perl-devel
BuildRequires:	perl-generators
BuildRequires:	perl(Canary::Stability)
BuildRequires:	perl(ExtUtils::MakeMaker)
# Module Runtime
BuildRequires:	perl(XSLoader)
# Test Suite
BuildRequires:	perl(Socket)
# Dependencies
Requires:	perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_%(eval "`perl -V:version`"; echo $version))
Requires:	perl(XSLoader)

# Avoid provides from private shared objects

This small low-level module only has one purpose: pass a file descriptor to
another process, using a (streaming) UNIX domain socket (on POSIX systems) or
any (streaming) socket (on WIN32 systems). The ability to pass file descriptors
on Windows is currently the unique selling point of this module. Have I
mentioned that it is really small, too?

%setup -q -n IO-FDPass-%{version}

	INSTALLDIRS=vendor OPTIMIZE="%{optflags}"
make %{?_smp_mflags}

make pure_install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
find %{buildroot} -type f -name .packlist -delete
find %{buildroot} -type f -name '*.bs' -empty -delete
%{_fixperms} %{buildroot}

make test

%if 0%{?_licensedir:1}
%license COPYING
%doc Changes README

* Thu Sep 22 2016 Paul Howarth <> - 1.1-3
- Incorporate package review feedback (#1378014)
  - Silence rpmlint warning about capitalization of UNIX in %%description
  - Quieten interaction with Canary::Stability during build process

* Wed Sep 21 2016 Paul Howarth <> - 1.1-2
- Sanitize for Fedora submission

* Sat Sep 10 2016 Paul Howarth <> - 1.1-1
- Initial RPM build