b7f08a - Update to 1.5002

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 10 years ago
    - Update to 1.5002
    - perl 5.10 patch upstreamed
    - disable the grep interface, known to be buggy
    - fix infinite loop in emails of less than 200 characters (CPAN RT#33493)
    - update Makefile.PL for versions of Module::Install > 0.88
    - instead of returning an error for an empty mailbox, a valid mailbox is
        returned that immediately fails the end_of_mailbox check (CPAN
    - fix missing "m" modifier issue exposed by Perl 5.10 (CPAN RT#33004)
    - added some debugging information for the "cache data not validated" error
    - fix an off-by-one error that could cause warnings about undefined values
    - BuildRequire perl(Test::More) and perl(Text::Diff)
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