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From: niklas [...]

I'm generate manpages from the documentation in your module.

This works, but pod2man notices a few errors.

I think the attached patch fixes this (at least according to pod2man).

CPAN RT#115456

--- lib/Term/
+++ lib/Term/
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ animation. This is identical to:
   my $entity = Term::Animation::Entity->new(...);

-See L<Term::Animation::Entity/PARAMETERS|PARAMETERS> and L<Term::Animation::Entity/new|new>
+See L<PARAMETERS|Term::Animation::Entity/PARAMETERS> and L<new|Term::Animation::Entity/new>
 in L<Term::Animation::Entity> for details on calling this method.

--- lib/Term/Animation/
+++ lib/Term/Animation/
@@ -619,7 +619,7 @@ sub default_color {

   $entity->color_mask( $mask );

-Set the color mask for the entity. See the L<Term::Animation/COLOR|COLOR> section of
+Set the color mask for the entity. See the L<COLOR|Term::Animation/COLOR> section of
 L<Term::Animation> for details.