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Name:           perl-Time-Mock
Version:        0.0.2
Release:        2%{?dist}
Summary:        Replaces actual time with simulated time - alternative to Test::MockTime
License:        GPL+ or Artistic
Group:          Development/Libraries

BuildArch:      noarch
BuildRequires:  perl(Date::Parse) >= 2.27
BuildRequires:  perl(Module::Build)
BuildRequires:  perl(Test::More)
BuildRequires:  perl(Time::HiRes)
BuildRequires:  perl(Carp)
BuildRequires:  perl(strict), perl(version), perl(warnings)

Requires:       perl(Date::Parse) >= 2.27
Requires:       perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_%(eval "`perl -V:version`"; echo $version))

This is an alternative to Test::MockTime which enables test suites to 
test code at specific points in time. Test::MockTime is nice, but doesn't
allow you to accelerate the time step and doesn't deal with Time::HiRes or 
give you any way to change the time across forks.

%setup -q -n Time-Mock-v%{version}

perl Build.PL installdirs=vendor

./Build install destdir=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT create_packlist=0

%{_fixperms} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/*

./Build test

%doc Changes README

* Thu May 16 2013 Yanko Kaneti <> 0.0.2-2
- Address review comments. (#963211#c1)

* Tue May 14 2013 Yanko Kaneti <> 0.0.2-1
- Specfile autogenerated by cpanspec 1.78 and tweaked for submission