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diff -up Perl-Tidy-20130922/bin/perltidy~ Perl-Tidy-20130922/bin/perltidy
--- Perl-Tidy-20130922/bin/perltidy~	2013-09-22 17:43:35.000000000 +0300
+++ Perl-Tidy-20130922/bin/perltidy	2014-03-12 23:01:08.164606065 +0200
@@ -3060,9 +3060,8 @@ in any way.  And, of course, it does not
 =item Temporary files
 Under the -html option with the default --pod2html flag, a temporary file is
-required to pass text to Pod::Html.  Unix systems will try to use the POSIX
-tmpnam() function.  Otherwise the file F<perltidy.TMP> will be temporarily
-created in the current working directory.
+required to pass text to Pod::Html.  The temporary file is created using
 =item Special files when standard input is used