8f4ac8 Update to 20140328

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 6 years ago
    Update to 20140328
    - New upstream release 20140328
      - Fixed CPAN RT#94190 and debian Bug #742004: perltidy.LOG file left behind;
        the problem was caused by the memoization speedup patch in version
        20121207: an unwanted flag was being set, which caused a LOG to be written
        if perltidy was called multiple times
      - New default behavior for LOG files: if the source is from an array or
        string (through a call to the perltidy module) then a LOG output is only
        possible if a logfile stream is specified; this is to prevent unexpected
        perltidy.LOG files
      - Fixed debian Bug #740670, insecure temporary file usage; File::Temp is now
        used to get a temporary file (CVE-2014-2277)
      - Any -b (--backup-and-modify-in-place) flag is silently ignored when a
        source stream, destination stream, or standard output is used; this is
        because the -b flag may have been in a .perltidyrc file and warnings break
    - Drop upstreamed patch for CVE-2014-2277
    - Classify buildreqs by usage
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