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# Fedora spec file for php-masterminds-html5
# Copyright (c) 2015 Shawn Iwinski <>
# License: MIT
# Please preserve changelog entries

%global github_owner     Masterminds
%global github_name      html5-php
%global github_version   2.1.2
%global github_commit    8f782e0f01a6e33a319bdc8f6de9cfd6569979a4

%global composer_vendor  masterminds
%global composer_project html5

# "php" : ">=5.3.0"
%global php_min_ver 5.3.0

# Build using "--without tests" to disable tests
%global with_tests 0%{!?_without_tests:1}

%{!?phpdir:  %global phpdir  %{_datadir}/php}

Name:          php-%{composer_vendor}-%{composer_project}
Version:       %{github_version}
Release:       1%{?dist}
Summary:       An HTML5 parser and serializer

Group:         Development/Libraries
License:       MIT

BuildArch:     noarch
# Autoload generation
BuildRequires: %{_bindir}/phpab
# Tests
%if %{with_tests}
## composer.json
BuildRequires: %{_bindir}/phpunit
BuildRequires: php(language) >= %{php_min_ver}
## phpcompatinfo (computed from version 2.1.2)
BuildRequires: php-ctype
BuildRequires: php-dom
BuildRequires: php-iconv
BuildRequires: php-json
BuildRequires: php-mbstring
BuildRequires: php-pcre
BuildRequires: php-reflection
BuildRequires: php-spl
BuildRequires: php-xml

# composer.json
Requires:      php(language) >= %{php_min_ver}
# phpcompatinfo (computed from version 2.1.2)
Requires:      php-ctype
Requires:      php-dom
Requires:      php-iconv
Requires:      php-mbstring
Requires:      php-pcre
Requires:      php-spl
Requires:      php-xml

# Composer
Provides:      php-composer(%{composer_vendor}/%{composer_project}) = %{version}

The need for an HTML5 parser in PHP is clear. This project initially began with
the seemingly abandoned html5lib project original source. But after some initial
refactoring work, we began a new parser.

* An HTML5 serializer
* Support for PHP namespaces
* Composer support
* Event-based (SAX-like) parser
* DOM tree builder
* Interoperability with QueryPath

%setup -qn %{github_name}-%{github_commit}

# Docs
mkdir -p docs/{Parser,Serializer}
mv composer.json *.md docs/
mv src/HTML5/Parser/*.md docs/Parser/
mv src/HTML5/Serializer/*.md docs/Serializer/

: Generate autoloader
# Vendor-level autoloader to pick up "Masterminds/HTML5" class
%{_bindir}/phpab --nolower --output src/autoload-html5.php src

mkdir -p  %{buildroot}%{phpdir}/Masterminds
cp -pr src/* %{buildroot}%{phpdir}/Masterminds/
# Project-level autoloader for consistency with other pkgs
ln -s ../autoload-html5.php %{buildroot}%{phpdir}/Masterminds/HTML5/autoload.php

%if %{with_tests}
: Generate test autoloader
%{_bindir}/phpab --nolower --output test/autoload.php test

: Create mock Composer autoloader
mkdir vendor
cat > vendor/autoload.php <<'AUTOLOAD'

require '%{buildroot}%{phpdir}/Masterminds/HTML5/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/../test/autoload.php';

: Run tests
%{_bindir}/phpunit -v
: Tests skipped

%{!?_licensedir:%global license %%doc}
%license LICENSE.txt
%doc docs/*

* Sun Jun 28 2015 Shawn Iwinski <> - 2.1.2-1
- Updated to 2.1.2 (RHBZ #1229011)

* Thu Jun 18 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.1.1-2
- Rebuilt for

* Fri May 22 2015 Shawn Iwinski <> - 2.1.1-1
- Initial package