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diff -up pkg-config-0.28/ pkg-config-0.28/pkg-config.1
--- pkg-config-0.28/	2013-01-22 08:11:53.000000000 -0500
+++ pkg-config-0.28/pkg-config.1	2013-06-25 07:54:37.752270851 -0400
@@ -9,10 +9,13 @@ pkg-config \- Return metainformation abo
 .B pkg-config
-[\-\-modversion] [\-\-version] [\-\-help] [\-\-print-errors]
+[\-\-modversion] [\-\-version] [\-\-help]
+[\-\-print-errors] [\-\-short-errors]
 [\-\-silence-errors] [\-\-errors-to-stdout] [\-\-debug]
 [\-\-cflags] [\-\-libs] [\-\-libs-only-L]
 [\-\-libs-only-l] [\-\-cflags-only-I]
+[\-\-libs-only-other] [\-\-cflags-only-other]
@@ -71,6 +74,9 @@ Displays the version of
 .I pkg-config
 and terminates.
+.I "--atleast-pkgconfig-version=VERSION"
+Requires at least the given version of pkg-config.
 .I "--help"
 Displays a help message and terminates.
@@ -86,6 +92,9 @@ alone (to just print errors encountered
 command line) or with other options. The PKG_CONFIG_DEBUG_SPEW
 environment variable overrides this option.
+.I "--short-errors"
+Print short error messages.
 .I "--silence-errors"
 If one or more of the modules on the command line, or their
 dependencies, are not found, or if an error occurs in parsing a
@@ -119,7 +128,10 @@ line.
 .I "--cflags-only-I"
 This prints the -I part of "--cflags". That is, it defines the header
 search path but doesn't specify anything else.
+.I "--cflags-only-other"
+This prints parts of "--cflags" not covered by "--cflags-only-I".
 .I "--libs"
 This option is identical to "--cflags", only it prints the link
 flags. As with "--cflags", duplicate flags are merged (maintaining
@@ -136,6 +148,10 @@ the command line. Note that the union of
 "--libs-only-L" may be smaller than "--libs", due to flags such as
+.I "--libs-only-other"
+This prints the parts of "--libs" not covered by "--libs-only-L" and
+"--libs-only-l", such as "--pthread".
 .I "--variable=VARIABLENAME"
 This returns the value of a variable defined in a package's \fI.pc\fP
 file. Most packages define the variable "prefix", for example, so you