I'm sorry. The playbooks here are a much-too-complicated way of saying:

   - test podman (root and rootless) under cgroups v2
   - reboot into cgroups v1
   - repeat the same podman tests

We can't use standard-test-basic any more because, tl;dr, that has to
be the last stanza in the playbook and it doesn't offer any mechanism
for running a reboot in the middle of tests. (I actually found a way
but it was even uglier than this approach).

The starting point is tests.yml . From there:

      \- test_podman.yml
           |- roles/rootless_user_ready/
           \- test_podman_cgroups_vn.yml    (runs twice: cgroups v2, v1)
                |- roles/set_cgroups/
                \- roles/run_bats_tests/    (runs tests: root, rootless)

Principal result is the file 'artifacts/test.log'. It will contain
one line for each test run, format will be '(PASS|FAIL|ERROR) <test name>'

For each completed test there will also be a 'test.<name>.bats.log'
containing some setup blurbs (RPMs, environment) and the full BATS log.