#4 Use PEP 503 names for BuildRequires
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ 


  %if %{with check}

  BuildRequires:  git-core

- BuildRequires:  python3dist(aspy.yaml)

+ BuildRequires:  python3dist(aspy-yaml)

  BuildRequires:  python3dist(cfgv) >= 2.0.0

  BuildRequires:  python3dist(flake8)

  BuildRequires:  python3dist(identify) >= 1.0.0

Since Fedora 33, we generate both python3dist(foo.bar) and python3dist(foo-bar)
provides, but we'd like to follow PEP 503 and use only the names with dash.

By using the dashes, this is not compatible with the provides generated in EPEL 8,
compatibility can be achieved with the %py3_dist macro.

The EPEL 8 compatible way is in my pep503-compatible branch and can be used
instead if you prefer that.

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