$id$ Before installing prewikka, make sure the Prelude Framework (libprelude + libpreludedb with python bindings) is installed. Prewikka receives its input from a database which has to be created in advance. For a MySQL-Database this could be done like this: * mysql> CREATE database prewikka; * mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON prewikka.* TO prewikka@'localhost' \ IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; * $ mysql -u prewikka prewikka -p < /usr/share/prewikka/database/mysql.sql PostgreSQL and SQLite3 setup works similar. Afterwards, put all the relevant information into the prewikka.conf file and install the corresponding libpreludedb-mysql/pgsql/sqlite package from the yum repository. Please also note, that you have to customize your webserver setup before you could use prewikka. For deatiled setup instructions, please read: For further Questions, regarding the Fedora Setup, mail to: Thorsten Scherf <>