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procps is a set of command line and full-screen utilities that provide information out of the pseudo-filesystem most commonly located at /proc. This filesystem provides a simple interface to the kernel data structures. The programs of procps generally concentrate on the structures that describe the processess running on the system.

The following programs are found in procps: free - Report the amount of free and used memory in the system kill - Send a signal to a process based on PID pgrep - List processes based on name or other attributes pkill - Send a signal to a process based on name or other attributes pmap - Report memory map of a process ps - Report information of processes pwdx - Report current directory of a process skill - Obsolete version of pgrep/pkill slabtop - Display kernel slab cache information in real time snice - Renice a process sysctl - Read or Write kernel parameters at run-time tload - Graphical representation of system load average top - Dynamic real-time view of running processes uptime - Display how long the system has been running vmstat - Report virtual memory statistics w - Report logged in users and what they are doing watch* - Execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen

Reporting Bugs

There are a few ways of reporting bugs or feature requests:

  1. Your distributions bug reporter. If you are using a distribution your first port of call is their bug tracker. This is because each distribution has their own patches and way of dealing with bugs. Also bug reporting often does not need any subscription to websites.
  2. GitLab Issues - To the left of this page is the issue tracker. You can report bugs here.
  3. Email list - We have an email list (see below) where you can report bugs. The problem with this method is bug reports often get lost and cannot be tracked. This is especially a big problem when its something that will take time to resolve.

If you need to report bugs, there is more details on the Bug Reporting page.

Email List

The email list for the developers and users of procps is found at This email list discusses the development of procps and is used by distributions to also forward or discuss bugs.